How Would It Be…

I want to be spanked.


I crave it.

You say you want to spank me.

How would it be… if it could happen?

I would act brattishly. I would be naughty and mischievous. I would pretend to not hear instruction. When corrected I might pout, or stamp my little foot.

At first you would be amused at my silliness. You would find it endearing. How cute that the little girl acts up in order to provoke a punishment.

But soon your patience starts to wane. It becomes less fun dealing with my shenanigans.

You would warn me sternly to behave.

Sensing that I am close to receiving the spanking I ache for, a small, ever so slightly smug grin plays around my lips and I would tilt my head cheekily at you.

“Over here! Now!” you would command, demanding unquestioning obedience.

Perhaps you would be slightly surprised when I comply immediately. Perhaps you know me well enough not to be.

I move towards where you have indicated without hesitation.

Would you want me over your knee? Over a stool or bench? Bent over holding my ankles? Bare bottomed or clothed? Do you remove my pants or do you instruct me to?

I think you would direct me to lie across your lap. You would hitch my skirt up over my hips and pull down my underwear with a sharp tug. My face would flush with excitement and perhaps some shyness at being exposed so.

Your hand would caress my bare buttocks, gliding over them, stroking them. Abruptly you would raise your arm and, whack! Your palm connects with the tender skin of my ass with a loud slap, making me twitch in surprise. A giggle erupts unbidden from my lips and yes, I feel myself become wet.

Your hand would then rub my pink skin before administering another hard slap, building a rhythm alternating between each cheek. You would be relentless but always controlled. I think you would make me count the strikes out loud, enjoying hearing my voice become more breathless with each one.

I think you would know how turned on I would be as your hand repeatedly punishes my ass.

Would you know how much I would want your fingers to slide inside me? How much I would crave to feel you touch me, tease me, make me come?

Would I part my thighs ever so slightly to reveal my arousal? Show you my folds glistening wet, swollen with desire? Would you answer my silent plea? Would your hand desist with its punishment? Would you stroke me softly, feather light caresses from your fingertips? Would you smile to yourself hearing my helpless whimpers as I get closer and closer to my climax? Would I feel you growing hard beneath me? Would my mouth water at the thought of satisfying you, taking you into my mouth, licking and sucking until you explode on my tongue? I think that would tip me finally over the edge to orgasm and I would cry out and spasm on your lap, my teeth biting into my fist.

Is that how it would be? What would happen next?

Your turn…

Copyright, 2015,

All rights reserved.

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