FFC#6… Release

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“Show me.”

Two words. All he needs to get what he desires.

I untie my trench coat and let it puddle at my feet. Stretching my arms out straight in the air, I do a very slow twirl for him.

He watches.

Dressed only in a black silk underbust corset and knee-high leather boots, as instructed, I stand before him.

He beckons me to approach him with a crooked finger. I step forward.

His eyes roam over my face, down my throat to my exposed breasts. He leans down, inhaling deeply as he smells my neck, his nose barely touching me but raising goose bumps along my skin. I ache for his touch but know better than to utter a sound.


I turn my back to him, bend forward at the waist to grasp my ankles, exposing my bare smooth pussy and ass for his inspection. I know he will see how wet I am in anticipation for how he will use me tonight.

His calloused fingers trace down over the silk, along my hip and over my buttocks, stopping short of touching me where I crave him to.

“Good girl. Turn around.”

I obey and turn towards him again.

His hand grips my jaw, forcing me to look up at him as his other hand snakes around my waist, pulling me closer against him. He grabs a handful of my ass and squeezes tight, his eyes locked on mine as he slaps my buttock hard, his fingers still pressing into my jawbones. I tremble and feel my arousal dripping down my inner thigh.

His hand moves quickly. His fingers plunge inside me in one swift movement, filling me. He strokes my G-spot expertly as his thumb toys with my clit. I know it will not take long for me to come. When he takes me this way I always come hard and fast. He adjusts his grip on my throat to restrict my breath slightly and growls, “Come my pet… now!” It explodes inside me. I cry out helplessly and sag against his hands, all strength drained from my limp body.

He lifts me up into his arms and carries me to the bed, throwing me face down onto it. I hear him unzip his trousers and feel his weight shift the mattress as he lifts my hips up, forcing me onto my knees. His cock, hard and hot, slaps against my clit, alighting the fire inside me once more as he repeatedly slaps my upturned ass hard, his other hand on the back of my head, forcing it down onto the bedspread.

Holding my hip, he slams into me, causing me to cry out before I can stop myself. Wrapping his fingers into my hair he pulls my head back from the duvet, stretching my neck and throat. His free hand grabs my breast and squeezes hard, pulling on my nipples, pinching them tightly, twisting them between his fingers.

Pounding into me relentlessly, releasing all his tension, using me as his little fucktoy to satisfy his needs, I feel myself start to float. His cock grinding against my G-spot, filling me completely, stretching me. His balls slapping against my clit, his fingers torturing my nipple, my throat stretched to its limit, I cannot fight the overwhelming need to come.

“Please… please may I?” I beg.

Hearing him grunt behind me, feeling how close he is to his climax pushes me further and I fear I will come without permission.

“Yes! Now!” he cries. I feel him release his hot mess inside me, my muscles contracting around him, milking him. My orgasm rips through me, leaving me weak and crying as he releases my hair to allow me to rest my head.

His hands softly caress my back, down along the ribbon laces covering my spine to my buttocks, stroking them gently; lovingly.

He lies down beside me and wraps me in his arms, kissing my forehead. I feel safer than I ever have before. Safe, sated and spent.

“My pet. You did very well,” he begins to untie the ribbon and release me from his gift.


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