Dark Angel


As we approach the celebration of all things spooky, I offer my Hallowe’en inspired interpretation of Rebel’s prompt this week,  The End. I hope it satisfies!

It was her eyes that caught me. Jade green, they flashed across the bar at me. Her alabastrine skin glowed under the multi-coloured lights flashing in time to the bass beat. I watched, transfixed, as she moved towards me, like a cat stalking her prey, slowly slinking her way between the dancers that divided us. Wearing a black silk crop top, which revealed her milky white abdomen, tight leather trousers and spikey heels that defied reason, she advanced.

The air between us crackled with electricity as she stood before me, eye level, still. She tilted her head almost imperceptibly as she unashamedly studied my face and body before turning those eyes on mine again. An unbidden gasp escaped my lips as I noticed the golden flecks of amber speckled through the deep green, framed by her long dark lashes. This woman was breathtaking in her beauty. And she knew it.

Without uttering a word, she offered me her hand and turned towards the dance floor, confident that I would accept her invitation. We made our way through the mass of heaving bodies and she began to move in time to the beat. Her arms above her head, hips swaying, she glowed; her skin almost translucent, in stark contrast to her long dark hair. I moved closer, although I have no idea if she actually touched me or if she somehow drew me towards her by sheer magnetism.

Our bodies touched for the first time, she pressed her hips against mine and locked eyes with me. My hand reached out to circle her bare waist, surprised to feel her skin so cool despite the heat radiating from other bodies on the dance floor. Cool but soft. She draped an arm around my shoulder and swayed against me, her face close to mine. Her breath smelled sweet, like candy floss. I felt an overwhelming desire to kiss her. She hovered her red lips just a fraction of an inch from mine but never touched, just allowing our breath to mingle as we moved together.

The tempo of the music changed to a high-energy electro beat and she stopped dancing, took my hand in hers, still cool, and steered me away from the crowd. I followed, mesmerized, as she opened the emergency exit and lead me out into the chilly night air of the side alley.

She pushed me against the brick wall, her mouth on mine instantly, tongue deep inside my mouth as her surprisingly strong hands pinned mine over my head. Her pelvis ground into mine, one firm thigh forced its way between my legs, her breasts pressed against mine, taking my breath away. Her mouth moved down to kiss along my jawline, unrelenting in her domination of my body.

She released my hands but I understood without instruction to keep my hands where they were. She reached under my tee-shirt and grabbed my breasts, her cool fingers made my nipples stand erect as she squeezed and twisted them, causing heat to flare between my legs. Trying to remain standing, feeling dizzy with lust and breathlessness, I felt her fingers leave my breasts to undo the button and zip of my jeans. She knelt before me and yanked my denims and underwear down to my ankles, examining her view of my bare pussy. Torn between shocked embarrassment and a crazed desire for her to touch me, I groaned as her head leaned in and I felt her tongue on my lips for the first time. The first time any woman had done this to me. Sucking on my swollen, hot lips, she slipped her fingers inside me and stroked me as her mouth opened to cover me entirely. She began to lick my clit, lapping at it, tickling it, teasing it.

Feeling the strength leave my legs, I sagged against her. She stopped and pulled me down to lie on the cold cement of the alley, before launching her mouth on me again, devouring my clit as her fingers pumped inside me. Feeling the intense heat and rush of my orgasm building I abandoned all inhibitions and allowed myself to come under this beautiful woman’s lips.

As the waves of pleasure washed over me, a sharp stinging sensation in my upper inner thigh, close to where her mouth had been a second ago made me convulse in pain. I looked down to see her sink two incredibly long, sharp canines into my flesh and watched in horror as she began to drink from my femoral artery, sucking and swallowing greedily. My eyes started to lose focus; I could feel the life force literally draining out of me as she feasted on my blood. Floating above my body, looking down upon the scene of bloodlust below with a strange sense of dissociation, I watched as she stopped drinking, pierced her wrist with those fangs and held it over my mouth. Thick red droplets of her blood fell onto my blue lips and I watched her fingers prize open my mouth, allowing it to flow over my tongue. Abruptly back in my body, feeling a surge of overwhelming energy flow though me I grabbed her wrist and gulped hungrily, choking as I tried to sate my new appetite.

“Enough!” she jerked her arm away from me, her eyes radiant, lips and teeth stained with my blood, and leaned down to kiss me sweetly, tenderly on the lips.

“Now you are Mine, for eternity,” she whispered.

That is how I met my Lilith, my Dark Angel, my Maker.

Tonight we sit at the bar together, watching the delicate red head with the speckle of light brown freckles scattered over her nose as she sips her drink, unaware that tonight life as she knows it will end and that she will join us to play in the darkness with our Sisters and Brothers.


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17 thoughts on “Dark Angel

  1. I’ll be honest, I’m not a big vampire fan, but leaving that aside, this is one seriously hot story. The build up, the seduction, her surrender and acceptance, all beautifully detailed.

    The description of the dark-haired, pale-skinned, green-eyed vampire seems a little familiar for some reason 😉


    Liked by 1 person

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