Sexy Shopping

Since embracing and exploring my kinks, every shopping experience has changed for me.

The OH and I  have been known to explore the kitchenware section in TKMaxx in search of a good spatula or wooden spoon, and yes, he has tested its sting on the palm of my hand or my thigh! A trip to the Army Surplus Warehouse ended up with us purchasing some very nice rope, again, I could not resist tying some on my arm in the shop. He laughed at me when I picked up some sort of clamp device or other and gave a cheeky eyebrow raise.

I have already blogged about one incident in the pet shop where me being my naughty Little self caused a bit of panic on my account and delighted laughter on his.

Today please allow me to share my latest act of eejitery with you all…

The OH needed some manly DIY bits and bobs which resulted in the two of us wandering the aisles of B&Q at the weekend. As he browsed through various nuts and bolts I spotted the chain section. I have always loved the feel of metal chains against my skin. (In fact it was at the tender age of 19 that I first introduced the OH to the joy of chains in the bedroom, but that’s a story for another day!) I couldn’t resist wrapping different thicknesses of chains around my wrist to see how they would feel. They looked so pretty I took a few quick snaps with the iPhone to compare them later.


There was a sweet older lady just a few steps up the aisle from me checking out some wire mesh, so I turned my back to her as I played with the chains in order to save her the sight of my mild kinkiness.

Bored, because he was still engrossed in his search for the perfect bolt or whatever, I roamed some other aisles until I came to the timber section. At the end of the aisle there was a tub of very thin, long strips of wood, cane-like in appearance – so you know what happened next right? Yeah… I selected one and listened to the delicious ‘whoosh’ and ‘crack’ as I snapped it through the air. I really wanted to see how it felt. As I stood, oblivious to other shoppers, caning my left hand quite hard, smiling to myself, I didn’t notice the same sweet older lady at my shoulder. Her voice startled me and made me jump, “Good for a spanking aren’t they?!” she grinned at me, a wicked glint in her eyes. I burst out laughing and, speechless, simply nodded to her. She walked away, still grinning. I ran back to the OH, still holding the cane, to tell him.

He was delighted and roared with laughter as well as asking me if I will ever learn some public decorum… unlikely I suspect.

When will I ever learn to control myself?


Copyright, 2015,

All rights reserved.

10 thoughts on “Sexy Shopping

  1. Just goes to show, you never know! Brilliant 😀
    I must admit to doing similar things in my local hardware shop, and Sir and I had a fun time looking around an army surplus store a few weeks back. There was all sorts of stuff, ropes, chains, clamps. I want to go back and buy something 🙂

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