Morning Shower


I watch as she brushes her long hair, admiring how it falls over her graceful shoulders and down her back. Her eyes meet mine in the dressing table mirror and she offers me a beautiful wide smile, a fetching pink spreading across her cheeks. I feel a stirring in my groin. That smile and blush do it for me every time.

I walk over to her and place my hands on her shoulders, our eyes still locked in the reflection. I slowly, flick the spaghetti straps of her camisole off her shoulders, one at a time, and allow the patterned silk to skim over her skin and fall to her waist. Her cheeks flush slightly more and she gasps. My eyes leave hers and wander down to take in her breasts as they rise and fall with her breath.

“You are beautiful,” I say as I stroke her soft hair, letting the strands fall through my fingers, the scent of yesterday’s hairspray drifting up through the air. She lowers her gaze, as if embarrassed or shy.

“No, look at me,” I tilt her chin back up to make her face the mirror, “Look how perfect you are.”

I reach down and cup her breast in my hand. It fits perfectly. My thumb grazes her stiffening nipple and I gently squeeze it, watching as her pupils dilate with growing desire. Her head turns slightly to caress my arm, nuzzling against me. Her lips find the skin of my inner forearm and she traces soft kisses along it up to my elbow. Taking her head in my hands I turn it to kiss me, bending down, my mouth meeting hers, lips parted. Our tongues softly explore each other as I sink to my knees before her.

She pivots on her stool and opens her legs for me to kneel between her thighs, my hands on her breasts again, her hands in my hair. My lips leaves hers and I take her nipple into my mouth, rolling it over my tongue, sucking on it greedily.

Her back arches, her head thrown back, she presses herself against me. A soft whimper leaks from her lips and I, in turn, groan back. I want her.

Pulling back from her, my hands travel to her waist and I tug her camisole and pants down over her hips and cast them aside. She is now gloriously naked in front of me, her pale skin glowing in the morning sunlight from the window.

I lean down to kiss her belly, a part of her body she hates but I adore its curving softness. Her sweet musky scent rises from the tiny strip of dark hair between her hips, making me want to taste her. I part her knees wide and settle between them, my fingers tracing her smooth pussy, before I dip my head to kiss her inner thighs, teasing her.

She sighs contentedly and spreads her legs for me, her hands in my hair guiding me towards her swollen nub. My tongue flicks over it, tasting her unique sweetness as my fingers slide to massage her inside, feeling her velvety, spongy wall against my rough fingers. I lick, suck and nibble her until she squirms dangerously on the stool. I pull her off it, onto her back on the rug, and devour her until I feel her contract around my fingers. She cries out as her orgasm overtakes her.

Kissing my way back up along her body to meet her lips again so she can taste herself on my tongue, a feeling of primal urgency to possess her overwhelms me. Biting her neck and earlobe I grind myself against her. She emits a cry of discomfort and I stop immediately.

“The rug. It’s burning my back.”

I smile down at her, “That’s ok sweetheart. I’ve a better idea anyway.”

Standing up, I remove my shorts, lift her into my arms and carry her towards the ensuite, her legs wrapped around my waist, kissing each other deeply.

I put her down to turn on the shower and as the steam rises we stand under the hot jets of water. Spinning her around to face the tiled wall, her hair clings to her shoulders and back as I sink to my knees to kiss her beautiful round behind, opening her legs with my hands. She bends slightly at the waist, placing her hands on the tiles for support, opening herself up for my mouth to cover her lips again. I lick harder this time, more hungrily, devouring her as the water runs down my face. Coming for the second time she cries out, “Please! Fuck me! Please!”

I don’t need any further encouragement.

My balls aches, my cock is rock hard, throbbing with the need to fill her. I pull her around, lift her off the shower tray and enter her with one deep thrust, pushing her against the shower wall, her legs slippery around my hips as I pound into her. The need to claim her completely, to come inside her, engulfing me as my hands grip her buttocks hard enough to leave bruises later.

Biting her neck and shoulder I sense the exquisite mounting tension through the muscles in my lower back and thighs. I feel torn between wanting this feeling to last forever and wanting to enjoy the release. Delicious pressure under the skin of my balls builds; my cock thickening, aching. Feeling her tighten around me, my face buried in her neck, I come inside her, each ejaculation like a rush of cold white light, overloading my senses.

She kisses me on the mouth, her hands cradling my head as I feel myself shrink out of her, my come trickling down her leg, merging with the shower water. Our eyes meet and she graces me with that smile again.

“I love you baby,” she says with a giggle. I release her and reach for the shampoo to wash her hair, already anticipating soaping her body.


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