“Baby I want you.”

His voice deep and throaty over the line, a low guttural growl from deep within his chest.

“I want to kiss you. Trace my lips down your body, licking and biting on your nipples, sucking them greedily, then moving lower over your beautiful stomach down towards your sweet cunt.”

I catch my breath, feeling the throbbing begin between my legs.

“I want to kiss your hips, you thighs, all the way down your legs to your toes. I want to suck each toe and lick my way up your ankle and calf, nibbling behind your knee as you writhe before me. I want to tease you mercilessly until you are begging me to mouth-fuck you.”

I am wet with lust, listening to him tell me everything he wants to do to me as my eyes scan the office, searching to see if my colleagues have noticed the flush that has spread over my chest and cheeks.

“I want to hear you tell me you’re wet for me. Say it.”

I take a breath and whisper into the mic, my lips brushing against the glass screen, “I’m wet for you.”

“Good girl. I want you to put your fingers inside your underwear and feel how wet you are. Do it now.”

Very slowly and discreetly I slide my hand under my desk and up my skirt to touch the edge of my cotton pants, pulling them aside and touching my smooth wet folds. A delicious shiver runs through me.

“Now lick your fingers,” his voice rumbles in my ear and I raise my hand to my lips and suck my fingertips.

“I want you to come baby. I want you to play with yourself, imagining my fingers inside you, pumping you as my tongue flicks over your clit. Get up. Go to the Ladies Room. Now.”

Immediately, I stand and walk towards the bathroom, smiling at my co-workers as I pass them. One tries to stop and chat but I indicate that I am on a call and keep walking.

He hears me lock the door of the bathroom cubicle and close the toilet lid so I can sit.

“Take off your underwear.”

I do as I am told.

“Take a photo of how wet they are and show me.” I quickly remove my pants and snap a shot of the damp spot, a darker pink than the rest of the fabric, and send it to him.

“Now open your blouse and pull your bra down. Squeeze those nipples. Hard. Twist them. Let me hear you.”

I unbutton my silk blouse, pull my lace cups down from my breasts and do as instructed, a low moan escaping my lips as I pinch my nipples and pull them, stretching them, making them swell and reddened.

“Good girl. Now show me.”

I take a photo of my nipple trapped between my tight fingertips and hit send.

“Perfect baby. Now… play. Finger yourself and think of my mouth there, teasing you, tasting you, my tongue dipping inside you and licking that hard little clit of yours.”

My fingers find my lips and I start to stroke them, my legs wide open as I perch on the edge of the seat. I long to grasp my breast with my other hand but must keep the phone to my ear as he ordered me to.

I am dripping and, as I pump my fingers, I can hear how wet I am. Using my initiative, I lower the phone for a minute to allow him to hear the sound of me fucking myself for him.

“Oh baby… You’re so wet for me!” his voice sounding pleased with me in my ear, “Think of me watching you as you play for me. Picture my eyes focused on your delicious cunt, watching your fingers work faster and faster. Picture me licking my lips, wanting to taste you, feast on you, drown in your juices.”

My fingers sliding over my clit furiously, feeling my climax start to build inside me, breathing hard, eyes clenched shut.

“Do you want to come baby?”

“Yes!” I pant breathlessly, desperate for the release.

“Hmmm… will I allow you?”

I whimper and beg, “Please? Please?”

“Ok baby. I want you to come… now! Come hard for me!”

The rush of pleasure erupts from my clit, spreading like intense heat through my entire body. I spasm helplessly and try to stay as quiet as I can but my moan escapes me and I hear him chuckle softly.

“Good girl, baby. Now, what do you say?”

“Thank you Sir,” I reply instantly.

“Now, fix yourself up, leave those pants in the garbage basket and let me see you in the mirror.”

I fix my bra and blouse and leave the stall, throwing my pink panties into the bin as I pass it. I point the camera towards the mirror, smile and take a shot of my glowing face for him.

“Beautiful baby, as always. Back to your desk now. I want to see you hard at work.”

I check myself in the mirror and leave the Ladies Room. As I pass his glass office wall I turn my head and smile sweetly at him before taking my seat at my desk.

He raises one eyebrow and nods his head slightly, “Good girl,” and I watch him hang up his phone.


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All  rights reserved.

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