TMI Tuesday… Sexy is…


1. What is your kissing technique?

I like a slow, lingering start, just lips meeting, gradually opening and gently exploring with the tip of the tongue. As the passion builds, the kiss deepens and there may be some gentle biting/sucking of lips. I like to kiss more than the lips too: face, eyelids, throat, chest… and so on!

I HATE feeling like I am having a dental examination and if your tongue goes anywhere near the back of my throat I will withdraw! Gross!

2. When do you feel most sexy?

When I feel comfortable and relaxed.

Or, of course, when my crazy hormones declare themselves active! I can be ridiculously horny during my period, and as a result I can tell you that no, orgasms do not do a thing for period pain… not for this lady anyway!

3. Which of these most resembles you
a. I exude male sexiness
b. He-man, think sexy lumberjack
c. Call me the Ladies Man
d. Curvy, sexy and all woman
e. Tomboy, kitten with a whip type  👍  Me! Except I’d rather the whip is used on my ass!
f. Girl next-door
g. Sexy nerd  👍  I find intelligence and knowledge intensely sexy and I am proud to be a nerd/geek/dork…

4. What makes for a sexy meal?

It depends entirely on the person you are with.

A picnic is always fun and sexy, even if it is one served on the floor of the living room.

It must involve laughter and discussion, that is non negotiable.

5. What are some of your seduction techniques?

If I am really in the mood and He hasn’t picked up on it, I know all I have to do is go upstairs, change into some stockings or hold ups, put on a cute little lacy number and casually wander into whatever room he is in. It always gets the right response!

Otherwise my MO is to laugh a person into bed.

6. What’s sexier? Why?
a. beer
b. wine
c. mixed alcoholic beverage
d. iced tea

I am a red wine drinker mostly, but in terms of sexiness I think it’s hard to beat a cocktail, especially when it is made with skill and  suavity. Oh yes!

Bonus: Are you hot as in sexy? How can you share your sexiness with the world?

I don’t think of myself in those terms at all.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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