Friday Flash Challenge… The Switch

Felicity from TDNC has taken the plunge and launched a new place for us to submit to her lovely event, Friday Flash Challenge!

The prompt this week is “Forbidden” and luckily enough I have been working on a D/s switch tale that just about fits into the prompt… (I hope!).

But what makes me even more excited about this story is that it was inspired by a painting done by the sickeningly talented Feli herself, that she sent me a while ago.

The painting is entitled Unbound, by Felicity Johns.

Unbound by Felicity Johns, 2015

Wearing only lace topped sheer stockings, a leather waist cincher and heels, I stand before him, uncertain and unsure.

He sits in the chair, naked, and says, “Turn around, show me what’s mine.” I slowly turn around and spread my feet wide. I bend at the waist and wrap my hands around my ankles, revealing my soft, smooth folds for him. His fingers caress me before sliding easily inside, claiming me. I close my eyes, enjoying being his plaything, his little fuck-toy.

“Ok, enough. Turn around, look at me.”

Knowing better than to show my frustration, I do as he says.

His eyes are glowing with amusement.

Raising an eyebrow, he speaks, “You are in charge Little One. Just this once.”

He grins. “Unless I like it of course. Now, you may begin.”

Shaking slightly, I approach him, “Close your eyes.” I struggle to not add, “please Sir” as I begin to tie the blindfold at the back of his head, his breath on my breasts as they brush against his face while I lean forward. Sinking to my knees, I secure his ankles to the legs of the chair with the red scarves he has laid out on the floor.

I run my fingers up along his firm calves and over his muscular thighs, stopping short of touching him further, my eyes level with his groin. I breathe heavily onto his balls, blowing warm, moist air over them. His cock twitches. Looking up, I see him bite his lower lip, the tendons in his neck tight. I watch his smooth chest rise and fall.

I pull myself up to standing and slowly walk around to the back of the chair, my fingertips tracing the smooth skin of his torso, from his navel, over his nipples, along his throat and down over his shoulders. I take his wrist and pull it back, wrapping a scarf around it and tying it to his other wrist, knotting the silk tightly.

He is now bound and powerless before me. His muscular legs spread wide, exposed. Arms stretched behind his back, blind and naked and at my mercy. I feel an unexpected rush of heat between my thighs.

I trace my fingers over my body, pinching my nipples, pulling and stretching them, all the while telling him in detail what I am doing to myself, watching him picture it in his head. I move closer to him, the heat from my body radiating onto his bare skin, my nipples brushing against his ear.

“Turn your head,” I whisper and press my breast against his face, forcing him to suck on my nipple. His mouth opens to take it, his lips close around my areola and he sucks hungrily, rolling his tongue over my hard little bud.

“More!” I cry, wanting to feel the pain as he bites down on it, pulling on it, making my pussy leak her wetness onto my inner thighs. I rock against him, my body pressed to his torso and open my legs, straddling one thigh to rub my throbbing clit against his hairs, creating exquisite friction.

His cock is hard and erect, its shiny head glistening with pre-cum as I teasingly trace my fingertip up along its length, making it stir. He inhales sharply, his tongue wetting his lips. I wrap my hand around his thickness and stroke it slowly, dipping my head to breathe into his ear, my hard nipples brushing against his arm.

He groans.

“Shush! Not a sound!” I command and a flicker of amusement plays around his mouth.

I kneel between his open legs and gently blow over his balls again. He squirms in the chair as my mouth hovers over his erection. I allow my warm saliva to drool from my lips, running down his length before taking him into my mouth and licking his glans, running my tongue over his frenulum. His breathing quickens.

Usually at this point, his hands would be knotted in my hair. I can feel the straining of his body as he pulls against the restraints, knowing that he wants to be in control. I tease his cock mercilessly with my mouth, sucking, licking, kissing, until I feel the familiar tension from him that tells me he is close to the edge. I pull back, removing my mouth from him and watch his face contort in frustration.

My hand glides up over his stomach to his chest and, without warning, I take his nipple between my fingers and twist it hard, surprised that I enjoy the gasp of shock and pain that escapes from his lips. I see his forehead crease into a frown and feel a hot flush of excitement between my thighs as I consider how he will chose to punish me for my impertinence. Deciding to milk the opportunity, I pinch both nipples simultaneously and pull violently.

“Oh… Little girl, you’ve just pushed your luck. Untie me this instant!” he growls. I immediately obey, happy to be once again under the control of my Sadist.

Once I have untied his wrists and ankles and removed the blindfold he crooks his finger at me, beckoning me. With a mixture of trepidation and eagerness I approach him. He pats his knee, “Assume the position Kitten.”

I lie bent over him, presenting my bare ass.

The first strike lands square on my buttocks; the heat stings and I feel safe again.

At home.



Copyright, 2015,

All rights reserved.


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