TMI Tuesday… Let’s Get Personal


1. Toilet paper. How do you hang your toilet paper? The end coming over the top or with the end coming from around the back and at the bottom?

There is a correct way to hang your toilet paper! The end must come over the top… always! The other was is just wrong! Wrong I tell you!

2. Towels. Do you use a new one each time you bathe or reuse?

The rule that I have read is that your towels should be washed every second time, third at a stretch… Bacteria, people!

3. Bathing. Do you use a washcloth to clean your body or use the soap directly all over your body with no washcloth?

I use those little exfoliating gloves. They work a treat.

4. Bra. Do you remove your bra by taking your arms out of the straps first, then inching it around your body until you can reach the clasp and undo it or do you contort your arms, and reach around and unclasp.

I reach around and unclasp, every time. I alternate between taking it off while still dressed, through my sleeves, depending on how desperately I want my girls to be free!

5. Dishwasher. Rinse/pre-wash all dishes before loading or just load.

I usually just throw it in there… which I know is very bad.

6. Breakfast cereal. Cereal in bowl first, then pour on milk or put milk in bowl then add cereal?

I don’t eat cereal. But I always add milk before hot water when making coffee.

7. Toothpaste. Squeeze from bottom working way up tube as it empties or squeeze from middle or wherever you want?

Oh dear… this drives the OH mad but I’m the messiest user of toothpaste ever. I just squeeze…

8. Condoms. Do you put it on your lover or does he put it on himself?

He usually does the honours… I am usually blindfolded!

9. Condom disposal. In the garbage bin or flush down toilet?

Again, His job! He always puts them in the bin. Think of the little fishes…

Bonus: Write your own bonus question and tell us an intimate detail about you or your habits.

Oh! My habit… I only butter my toast once it has cooled. I dislike soggy hot toast.

My question… Have you ever worn the same undies two days in a row? Be honest!


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10 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday… Let’s Get Personal

  1. 🙂
    I want to comment on a few things. About the dishwasher. Rinsing before loading to me is a waste of precious resources. One of the reasons to use a dishwasher is because it saves water compared to doing the washing up. So why rinse before hand? If need be, let it soak a little, but washing the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher seems like a waste of time and energy, and money, and…
    About TP: I am like you, it has to come out that way. But I read something that makes sense: when there are pets or curious toddlers around, it’s so much easier for them to unroll the whole roll when it comes over the top. If it comes from the bottom, it’s impossible for them to simply pull and unroll everything 🙂
    Cereal… I find it easier to judge how much muesli I pour when it’s the first thing in the bowl. I then pour yogurt on top, not milk…
    I love the idea of you being blindfolded so unable to put a condom on 😉
    As for underwear… yes, I’ll admit, I’ve done it. It’s not my usual way, but it does happen sometimes, for example if I’m travelling and didn’t pack properly 😉

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  2. I can’t rememebr ever wearing underwear two days in a row but that doesn’t mean it never happened.
    I would rather wear no underwear than used underwear. I remember once when I was staying over at my fiance’s before we lived together, I ran out of clean underwear and he was too sick to take it to the laundromat. So when I went and picked up medicine for him from the drugstore, I also picked up a pack of underwear because I didn’t want to drive all the way home (I lived 45 minutes away.)

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  3. Love the conversations here. I’m pretty much down with all these answers. Minus a couple. The condoms, I’ve never used one in my life. I’m allergic to latex, but I’ve also only ever had sex with the two men I married, so….
    The dishwasher thing, I scrap off the big pieces and put it in. I’m with Dawn, waste of resources. As for my panties, I’ve worn the same pair twice before. Normally under extreme circumstances though. Like got stupid during packing, or too drunk to remember to shower LOL!

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