Think I’ll Pass Thanks…

Browsing through Twitter yesterday, I happened upon an old post from the Queen of Kink herself, Molly Moore, on the Adult Blog Hub where she waxed lyrical about the Revel Body One Sonic Vibrator… So much so in fact that I went searching online to see where I could buy one for myself!

Off to amazon I went and found the first version of the toy for an amazing $19.49! One thing about the ad stood out for me…


There were 8 left in stock, but as I scanned down the screen I noticed that 6 were new… think about that for a second.

Would you buy a second hand vibrator? A “pre-loved” sex toy?

Even after copious quantities of soap and water, would you really want to get intimate with a piece of silicone that has massaged another person’s genitals? Really?!

I think to be honest. (being cheeky here!), that RevelBody could consider sending me a complimentary toy seeing as I personally made one sale for them yesterday for certain, with several Twitter friends expressing their interest in making a purchase also! I told my darling bestie about the toy and sent her the link to Molly’s review and within minutes she had ordered one for herself… love that woman’s efficiency! She is eagerly awaiting it’s arrival next Tuesday! (I just hope she specified that she wanted a new one!)

The new and most up to date version comes in at €124.95 and can be in my sweaty little hands in fours days should I order it… will I wait and see if my plea to RevelBody works though?!

I imagine I shall resemble a prune from all the hours I will spend in the bath with my new little friend!

Am I alone in thinking the idea of a used sex toy is unpalatable or are you guys on the same page as me?



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15 thoughts on “Think I’ll Pass Thanks…

  1. /shudder Just say NO to used sex toys. Yuck.

    When I was first learning about BDSM and D/s, I was taught that the toys you use in play belong to the submissive (or bottom) because they’re used on our bodies, so our fluids are on them. Not everyone sees it that way, but it made sense to me. I don’t think I’d want to use toys (even floggers or paddles) that had someone elses dead skin cells and ESPECIALLY fluids on them, no matter how well-kept they are.

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  2. That “8 left” and “6 new” don’t mean there are 2 used toys for sale. There are six vendors who sell the Revel new from Amazon. Super Duper Deals is the one with the lowest price, and they have eight in stock.

    That said, the only used sex toys I’m interested are the ones I’VE used! 🙂

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