My eyes still closed, warm and comfortable under the bedclothes, relishing that blissful semi-waking state, in between slumber and awareness… my thoughts drift to you. I picture your smiling face, your kind eyes crinkled at the corners as you look down at me, your wide shoulders and chest, strong arms that I long to have wrapped around me.

I imagine you are here. Standing at the end of my bed.

In my fantasy I am dressed and we are standing facing each other, uncertain what will happen next. You reach out and cup my face in your large hands, your eyes travelling over my face and down my body. I feel myself flush under your gaze, a flutter deep in my stomach and heat flares between my legs. I lick my lips, our eyes lock, your pupils wide and dark. Breathing fast, craving your lips on mine, I tilt my face up further, inviting. Your mouth covers mine, achingly slowly, gently. Your tongue tentatively licks mine, tasting me, before probing deeper, kissing me more urgently and passionately. Your arms pull me closer, crushing me against you and I cling on, feeling breathless and lightheaded. Your arousal is evident, straining against the dark denim at your crotch, pressing against my stomach.

You break the kiss and stand back slightly from me. Your hands at my waist, fingers hot against my skin as you lift my tee shirt up over my ribcage and past my chest. I raise my arms to allow you to pull my top off and throw it to the floor. I stand before you in my jeans and blue lace bra, blood hammering in my eardrums, heart racing. Wanting you to take me.

Your fingers slide under the straps at my shoulders, pushing them down my arms as your lips trace over my collar bones, making the tiny hairs on the back of my neck stand. Your teeth graze my skin. You pull the cup down and pinch my nipple, rolling it between your fingers before moving down to take it in your mouth. I can’t help but roll my head back as you suck hard on it while your hand plays with my other breast, squeezing it. I rub my hips against you, your erection hard on my tummy. I reach to touch it and you step back.

“Off,” you say, pointing at my bra. I reach around and unclasp it and let it fall. My mind full of doubt and insecurity at what you will think. Your eyes wander over me, darkening.

Your hands on my shoulders, you press me down to sit and then lie back at the edge of the bed. Opening my jeans button and slowly unzipping them, I lift my hips slightly to make it easier for you to slide my clothes down my thighs and over my feet.

You kneel at the end of the bed and spread my legs open, just taking a moment to look at my smooth, wet cunt before sinking your head between my hips. I clutch the bed cover as I feel your feather light kisses on my inner thighs, teasing me, taunting me. I want your mouth on me. I want your tongue licking me, inside me. I arch my back and try to press down onto you and hear a chuckle as you continue to deny me, licking my soft skin.

I groan as I feel your finger push inside me, gliding in easily, aided by how wet and ready I am for you. As you stroke inside me, pressing against my sweet spot, your lips finally find my clit and toy with her, sucking and gently pulling her, before your tongue flicks and you begin to feast on me. I have never been tongue-fucked as well before and feel the pressure of my orgasm approaching almost too quickly, but I don’t fight it. It surges through me, ripping me apart. I hear a guttural cry and realise it’s coming from me as I clutch the back of your head. You remain at my soaked cunt, torturing me to a second orgasm as your fingers reach up to pull on my nipples. I cry for you to please stop. It feels unbearable but I come again, spasming uncontrollably under your firm grip.

Your lips are on mine, I can taste myself on you, sweet, as you suck on my tongue. I want to know how you taste so badly.

I push you off me and onto your back, and kneeling between your open legs, I undo your jeans, reach inside and feel the silky skin of your hard cock. I push your jeans and boxers down to free your balls so I can take them into my mouth and softly suck them, running my tongue over them while my hand strokes you, listening to your breathing get heavier and faster. Pressing my tongue flat against you, I run it up along the ridge to your glans, where I swirl my wet tongue around it’s velvety, swollen head, tasting your pre cum before I take you fully into my mouth. I use my tongue to tease the tip of your cock as my hand continues to fuck you, sucking you. I look up and our eyes meet. Yours are dark and unfocused, you are lost in the sensations, but you see my smile as I adjust my position to take you in deeper. Dipping low I open my throat and feel you fill it. I hold you there as my tongue works around you, hearing you low groan of pleasure and feeling your fingers in my tangled hair. The thickness of you makes my mouth water and saliva runs down your shaft as I moan to give you a new sensation. Your hands abruptly take my chin and force me to stop, pulling my head up from your crotch.

Pulling me on top of you, you make it clear you want to finish inside my cunt.

I straddle you and lower myself down onto you, my hands on your chest, pressing my breasts together. I ride you, slowly at first, but am unable to stop myself from slamming against you, wanting you deeper and harder inside me. My breasts bounce as I fuck you, grinding against you, feeling another orgasm building.

I look down at you, your hands grasping my bucking hips, I see your face change as my cunt walls tightly contract around you, milking your orgasm from you. Your fingers bruise my skin as you dig them into my ass, your face contorting. You groan out loudly.

We slow our pace, sweating and breathless. I slump, exhausted and lie my face down against your smooth chest and feel you shrink from me, your hot come seeping out to bind us stickily together.

I open my eyes, take my wet fingers from between my legs and suck them. Relaxed and radiant after my morning of daydreaming.


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All rights reserved.

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