Fuck off Linus...
Fuck off Linus…

I am stuck.


I have an erotica series on the go that I love, perhaps too much, because I have become obsessed with the details of my character’s backstories to the detriment of my actual storytelling. I find myself online daily, researching cities and states in America that they could have come from, grown up in or travelled to, wanting to ensure that my plot makes logical sense.

It has crippled my writing.

I have the ending of the story more or less formulated in my head, along with a few sub plots and additional characters and storylines. But can I get them down on paper? Nope!

I think I know why…

I started the series on my blog as a private joke with a friend but soon fell in love with the characters and the “feel” of the story.

I secretly, (takes deep breath), would love to make this story into a novella, maybe more. If I am to achieve this, I think I need to stop blogging it, for two reasons at least.

Firstly, I would want people to want to read it in its entirety and why would they bother if they have read it already on the blog?

Secondly, and much more importantly, if I stop blogging the story I will feel freer to just fucking write it and can delay the worry about the geographic and practical details later when I redraft it.

Am I crazy to think I could do this? Make my little story into something bigger?

The thought excites and terrifies me at the same time.

Is that a good sign?

Have any of you guys out there taken on the same challenge and if so do you have any tips or advice for me?

I will appreciate any and all suggestions!

So, I guess the next instalment of Heat will be the final one on this blog.

For a while anyway, until I figure out if it can be anything more or not.


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All rights reserved.


4 thoughts on “Stuck

  1. I think that’s an AWESOME idea, and of course you can do it! It’s no different from blogging. You’re simply sharing a story with your audience.

    If you have the end in your mind, the hard part is done, at least for me. I never know my ending till it happens,and that’s not always a good thing! I would recommend skipping to the end, and getting it down. Then with that clear destination in view, go back where you left off, and travel towards it.

    Try not to let logistics bog you down creatively. write what you feel, then go back and make sure the details mesh… little details are easy to change in the rewrite 😉

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  2. Felicity makes a good point. Get it down in writing, especially the end if you have it in mind. But keep yourself open to changes as you go along.

    And yes, you should stop posting the story on your blog because you’re right. Who will want to pay for what they can get for free? Plus, it’s very rare for a blog to become a successful book (or movie) like “Julie and Julia”. Also, if you decide to shop your story around, publishers will see it as being previously published if it’s all on your blog–and they too will wonder why pay if it’s there for free.

    Good luck! 🙂

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