“Bless me Father, for I have sinned.”

“How long since your last confession?”

“I’m sorry Father, I can’t even remember.”

“Go on my child, tell me your sins. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit…”

I smile in the darkness and take a breath.

“I’ve been having bad thoughts Father.”

“What are these thoughts about?”

“Well… There’s this man…”


“I think about him when I lie in bed Father. And when I think about him…”

“Carry on.”

I unbutton my blouse and pull it open, my breasts spilling free, nipples hard and erect as I continue.

“I touch myself when I think of him. His dark curls, his brown eyes, his build. I can’t help myself. I imagine it’s him touching me.”

My hands cup my breasts, fingers pulling on my nipples, stretching them, twisting them as the heat between my thighs grows and I feel myself getting wetter. I see him shift in his seat through the mesh and grin, loving that I have made him squirm. I watch as he runs his hands through the dark curls I described.

“Father, I think about what he would taste like in my mouth. How he would feel on my tongue, in my throat, inside me…”

He gasps from the other side of the confession box.

I unzip my jeans, push them and my pants down onto my thighs, parting my legs to slide my hand down to feel how wet I am. I know he heard the sound of the zip, his head inclines ever so slightly and I think he glances through the mesh divide. I breathe heavily, wanting him to hear me.

“I think about his body, what it would look like, naked. I imagine he is firm and toned under that black shirt and white collar he wears. I think about touching his body, running my hands over his chest and shoulders, pressing myself against him, smelling him. I imagine he has some dark hair on his chest and that my fingers play with it as I feel him hardening against me. Father?”

He clears his throat and shifts his weight in his seat, “Yes?”

“Can you see me?” I ask innocently, turning to face the grille, exposing myself fully, my breasts full and round, chest flushed pink.

“The Sacrament of Penance is anonymous.” His voice has a throaty quality to it now and I know I am affecting him.

“Father, I think you can see me. You can see my naked body and what I am doing to myself. I think you like it… I think you like looking at my bare little pussy, you like watching my fingers on my wet cunt, ” I whisper as I push my fingers inside and then bring them to my mouth to suck them, relishing the sharp intake of breath I hear through the grid.

“Father, would you like to taste me? I think you want to touch yourself too… you do, don’t you?” I see him moving in his seat, he is breathing heavily.

“I’m touching myself now Father. I am so wet… my pussy is dripping wet and I am rubbing myself. I’m rubbing myself and thinking of you,” my fingers on my clit, stroking and circling, “I’m thinking of you, naked in my bedroom. I am lying stretched out on my bed, stripped and exposed for you, for you to do whatever you want to me.”

A low groan from him and I know he has started to touch himself. My smile widens.

“I’m thinking of you pushing your hard cock into my mouth. I want to suck it, lick it, I want to choke on it as you thrust it into my throat. I want to feel your balls slapping against my chin, your hands grabbing my hair as you fuck my face.”

I am writhing in my seat, jeans and pants pushed down, naked from my neck to my mid thighs, knowing he is watching me through the lattice.

“I want you to put your face between my legs Father. I want to feel your mouth on me, your tongue licking me, drinking me in. I am so wet for you. I want your fingers inside me, pumping me as you eat me out. I’m fucking myself right now Father, thinking about you.”

The sounds of my fingers working on my wet cunt are impossible to disguise. The air in the confined box is heavy with the smell of arousal and sex. I hear his breathing getting harder and faster.

“I know you are watching me Father. I know what you are doing. It feels good, doesn’t it? Imagine your hand is my pussy. My hot, wet, hungry pussy, tight around you as you fuck me. I’m close Father, I’m going to come. Are you close?”

A very low growl from his side of the confessional tells me he is close.

“Father!” my voice a hoarse whisper, “I’m coming! I am fucking coming just for you!” the pressure builds and then erupts as my orgasm tears through my body, spasming, struggling to not cry out, as I bite down on my free fist.

“Aaaahhhh…” he groans and I know he has come too. I lick my fingers, making the sucking sounds very clear for him, button my blouse up and fix my pants and jeans.

“Thank you Father, for hearing my confession. I can’t say I am sorry though…”

Only the sound of heavy breathing from across the mesh as I leave the confessional, grinning and feeling very proud of my achievement, thinking of the next time I will visit for another confession.



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