Sinful Sunday… One Happy Little Blogger!

Ever since I first discovered Sinful Sunday run by the divine Ms. Molly Moore I have been a fan.

It is a joyful celebration of our bodies in a completely positive way. It matters not what size or shape you are, everyone is welcomed and there is never even a hint of body shaming involved. I look at people’s photos each week at marvel at their self acceptance and  fearlessness.

I was way too scared to join in at first and simply admired and commented on other people’s photos.  People’s self acceptance and fearlessness with their photos, and the sense of camaraderie there, eventually inspired me to be brave and start to join in. I began with simple shots of my legs, my skirt, my toys, always black and white or filtered.

I progressed to display my belt marks and even my lower face in the bath… Very daring for me! It was the boob shots that made me very nervous… Could I be so bold as to show the world my boobies? Well, I did, (not totally exposed, I’m not THAT brave!) and the reactions were all positive. Which made me feel great!

Last week I was carrying my iPad down the stairs and suddenly thought that the blue of my wall would be a nice background for a photo, so I stopped midway, turned on the camera and took a snapshot. That spontaneous.

I quite liked the result and played with filters as usual, until the OH said he preferred the unfiltered, untouched original  shot the best.

I took a deep breath and hit publish. And waited….

I got only lovely comments and, to my astonishment, was selected as the Top Pick by the gentleman that is Charles from Filth and Erotica! As someone who never wins anything… This made me very happy! Especially as, of all the Sinful Sunday’s I’ve ever shared, I thought this was the one most likely to be disliked.

Goes to show… Maybe we aren’t always our best judges.

Hugs and kisses to Molly and Charles! In fact, hugs and kisses all round!



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