The amazing Marie Rebel offered us the prompt Disability for this week’s Wicked Wednesday. I think I may have fallen into the dreaded realm of cliché with my offering but here goes anyway!


“I’m scared…” she couldn’t make her eyes meet his as she whispered the words. The raw ache of desire she felt for him battled with her self doubts. She could not believe this gorgeous, generous, kind, sexy man desired her.

Every moment they had been together they had felt the electric tension between them. Every time their fingers brushed each other’s skin, static sparked and flared. The heat between them intense, palpable.

“Why? What’s to be scared of Em?” his fingers under her chin, lifting her face to make her look at him.

A tear spilled down her cheek, her lips trembling. “Sssshhh…” he wiped it away with his thumb and smiled at her, “Don’t be scared darling. Do you not trust me by now? Do you not believe me when I tell you I love you? When I tell you you are beautiful?”

“But…” her arms outstretched, hands pointing down at her body, “But… This!” the words caught in her throat, tight with tears.

Struggling to balance his patience with his frustration, he sighed, stood and walked to the window to cool down. He had never felt like this about any woman before. She was all he thought of, all he wanted. She consumed him. His body craved hers. He yearned to take her in his arms, undress her, savour every inch of her with his eyes, lips, tongue and hands.

Running his fingers through his hair, he spun around and moved fast to be on his knees in front of her, his hands cupping her face and mouth crushing hers as he tried with his body to convince her what his words could not seem to do. Taking her hand in his, he pushed it down for her to feel how hard he was underneath his jeans, smiling at the gasp that came from her lips.

“Em… I want you. I want all of you. Please, don’t make me wait,” he breathed into her ear, making her shiver, “Can’t you see how much I want you?” His eyes were pained as he looked into hers.

“You really don’t care about… this?” she whispered, feeling more vulnerable than she ever had in her life.

Deciding it was time to show her once and for all, he wrapped one arm around her waist and the other under her knees and lifted her gently from the chair, carried her over to the bed and laid her down.

“Trust me?”

She hesitated before nodding, desperately trying to stop shaking. She wanted to believe him.

“Close your eyes love,” he told her and when she did he kissed her lips, her neck, peeling off her layers of clothes as he moved down her body, over her breasts, stomach and hips. Gently opening her legs, he slowly kissed her and began his worship of her, finally tasting her as he had longed to do ever since he first talked to her in the park feeding the ducks. The wind had caught her scarf which he had sprinted to catch and return to her as she sat by the pond in her wheelchair. He was captivated from her first smile as she thanked him.

Hungry for her, kissing, licking, sucking her, relishing her scent and flavour, his hands found her breasts and pulled on her nipples, his erection throbbing against denim. He felt her hands grab his hair and smiled as he listened to her rapid breathing and groans and felt her body start to shudder. She was at last relaxing and allowing herself pleasure. Glancing up, he saw she had kept her eyes closed, her cheeks were a beautiful flush of pink and her breasts heaved as she came, crying out her release.

Later, after they had made love for the first time, lying in the damp wrinkled sheets, as she slept in his arms, he watched her, wondering how she could ever have doubted his desire for her.

He didn’t see her as she saw herself.

She saw something broken.

He saw the woman he had fallen in love with.


Copyright, 2015,

All rights reserved.


13 thoughts on “Release

  1. Not sure what exactly her disability is, and whether she is able to feel anything from the waist down, in which case it would be hard for her to feel anything when he goes down on her. But it’s still a hot read. And he could still want to taste her.
    Actually, this made me wonder: can a body reach orgasm by stimulation there if they are paralysed from the waist down? I guess it depends whether it’s just the motor nerves that got damaged or the sensory ones too…
    Nice piece!

    Liked by 1 person

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