Heat… Jody


Parts 1-4 

“Jesus Jody! What the hell do you… Who the hell do you think you are to come crashing in here without so much as a knock on the goddamned door?!”

Elsa was furious. The lunch with Bill had been going so well. He was easy to talk to, funny, charming, polite. She had more fun over that hour than she had had in… Jesus! It hit her how long it had been since she had actually really laughed with another human being. Nearly a year now since she had left the city, her adopted home, and returned to her childhood home to care for her sick father and manage the farm. Without any help from her dumb ass brother who was standing in front of her; swaying actually…

She realised he was drunk. At 1.30pm he was disgustingly drunk and in a belligerent mood.

“Who the fuck is your new boyfriend?” he slurred, opening the fridge and helping himself to a beer.

“One; he is not my boyfriend. Two; if he was, it would be none of your damn business. Three; did I invite you to raid my fridge?”

Scowling, Jody twisted open the beer and downed half of it in one gulp, finishing with a loud belch she could smell from where she stood.

“Jesus Christ Jody! When did you last shower? Or brush your teeth? 1992?”

“Fuck you. I need to take the truck. I gotta pick up some stuff and my car ain’t got room.”

Rolling her eyes, “And how do I get around?

“Doh…” making a ‘are you totally dumb?’ face at her, “I’ll leave the Honda here ’til tomorrow, will that help you loosen that tight little snatch of yours?”

“You’re fucking disgusting!”

A low growl from Duke across the room as Jody lunged towards Elsa, hands outstretched to grab her shoulders and shake her. She ducked out of his grasp, leaving him to stumble and lose balance. His face, red with fury and drunken indignation as he tried to get back on his feet, “You fuckin’ little bitch…”

She threw the truck keys at him and, calling Duke to follow, fled out the front door before he could stand. She slammed the door hard, making Bill turn his head from his spot across the field. Jody stumbled out after her, still yelling abuse and threats but she stood firm on the porch.

“We ain’t alone anymore so I’d think twice if I were you,” she nodded her head and her brother’s eyes followed to see Bill standing, arms crossed, watching.

“Like I’d fuckin’ bother touching you… You watch that fuckin’ hound! Snarlin’ at me! I’ll fuckin’ end him,” he spat as he made his way to the truck. The thought that she should stop him driving in that state flitted through her mind, but she knew she couldn’t stop him. As long as he didn’t kill anyone else…

Leaving in a haze of dust, he sped down the dirt drive and out of sight.

“Hey! You ok?!” from across the field.

She raised her hand in reply, thumbs up, waved and went back inside to clear up the lunch remains.


“Fuckin’ bitch!” he thought as he turned the key, “Always thought she was better ‘n me, with her fuckin’ fancy schools and fuckin’ fancy job… I’ll fuckin’ show her… Her an’ her fuckin’ dog… If she thinks she can hook up with that fuckin’ cowboy and let him take over MY Daddy’s farm… BITCH!”

Jody gunned the gas and sped towards town.


Rinsing the dishes Elsa watched Bill dig the post holes for the new fence, admiring the fluidity of his movements, the natural grace and rhythm. She wondered what would have, could have happened if Jody hadn’t crashed in on them. Was she kidding herself about the way Bill looked at her? She had glanced at his left hand and saw no ring, but that didn’t really tell her anything. She wondered what was his story… Who is he?

Maybe the year of enforced solitude had made her crazy… she half smiled to herself, Lord knows, it had certainly changed her. She looked back up from the sink to admire her hired help once more.


Photo supplied by a talented friend… thank you x

Copyright, 2015, illicitthoughts.wordpress.com

All rights reserved.

10 thoughts on “Heat… Jody

  1. Wow, just read all of them. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of this story! What happens, how does karma bite Jody’s ass, when do they finally admit how they feel to one another?

    Liked by 1 person

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