To Sin or Not To Sin…

The fabulous Molly who created the wonderful body positive meme that is Sinful Sunday is an inspiration to me and to countless other bloggers. I have participated in the meme several times and have even made her top lists a couple of times… yay!

The ideology behind the meme is that there is beauty in everything. You don’t need to be a Victoria’s Secret model to join in. You can post a naked selfie, an abstract image, a still life composition… whatever you like, as long as it can be interpreted in terms of erotica.

I have posted photos of my favourite toys, my nylon clad legs and high heels, flirty short skirts, lingerie shots, my lips and mouth, my markings after a good session with His belt.

I always enjoy trying to come up with a new idea each week but last Sunday I had nothing to offer. I was dry! I felt people were fed up of images of my legs, mouth or toys.

I had taken a shot of my breast a few weeks back. It is a very nice image, (if I do say so myself!), artsy, subtle, black and white, not remotely porno. But I have not shared it because I am scared.

Perhaps it is because this blog is linked to my vanilla blog and my twitter and I have shown my face there. The vast majority of people who post images of their naked bodies have the good sense to not show their faces… I am not so smart it seems.

If I post my boob shot, it automatically posts to tumblr and twitter and then I face the prospect of all my friends seeing it. That weirds me out!

Why the fuss? you are probably asking. It’s only a bloody boob! Yes, people have seen my face, but they know I have breasts, so the photo wouldn’t come as a massive shock to them I imagine!

And what’s more, even without any tweaking, it actually looks pretty damn good in the photo so I shouldn’t be so daft about it.

But I am.

I guess it’s about putting yourself out there to be judged, which I know is NOT what SinfulSunday is about, but it happens. It’s about being vulnerable and real. I would post my shot with the hope of getting positive comments, but the risk of people being cruel is there. I know the whole point of SS is to be proud of what you have and not care about the judgements of others.

Maybe I’m not ready? Will I ever be?

I think Molly and my fellow bloggers would say, “You go girl! Be out and proud!”.

I wish I was braver…

If you are interested in having a peep, I have a Sinful Sunday category on my side menu ➡️

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All  rights reserved.

6 thoughts on “To Sin or Not To Sin…

  1. I can imagine that you are hesitating, since you have shown your face. You should only do this if you are ready for it, ready for the storm that might explode above your head. But, there might also be no storm. People know you write erotica, right? People have seen photos of your legs and sex toys and lingerie. They have seen the button to Sinful Sunday and they know what kind of photos are shared there, if they had clicked through to it.

    What you might want to consider is to post a photo, but then people have to click a link to get to the photo. You can then warn them: if they click through, there will be no judging. Just a thought.

    I know I definitely look forward to see more of you 🙂

    Rebel xox

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    1. Thats an idea I hadn’t thought of, thanks for that.
      I suspect there would be no storm… this is MY insecurity. I took some more shots yesterday, a bit more subtle that the full on breast pic. I think I may be leading myself up to the big reveal in baby steps! I’ll have built it up so much that when I finally show the boob people will say, “huh? what was all the fuss about?!!!” Haha!
      I really appreciate your support Rebel… you rock!


  2. Only post what you are ready and comfortable to post. That said, from what you have shown already, I certain your breasts would be received very positively indeed.


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