Real Neat Blog Award!

The delightfully deviant Chloe over on Wank Of The Day kindly nominated me here on illicitthoughts and my other sex blog, MsTsecretgardenfor the Real Neat Blog Award! Yay!

I am truly flattered that she thinks my little blogs worthy of such acknowledgement.

The sex blogging community is definitely one of the warmest, most generous and supportive group of people I have ever met. In a world where E.L. Bloody James can get published, (pause for slow breaths), it beggars belief that so many talented and original voices on here are not getting the same recognition. In order to keep this lovely supportive network going I will nominate some fellow sex bloggers I think deserve to be read.

I promise you won’t be disappointed! You’ll find the links at the end of this post.

Chloe posed us some devilish questions, so here I go… revealing all!

How important a part does masturbation play in your life?

A very important part! I have quite a high sex drive and I have managed to let go the old shame and embarrassment I used to feel, (thanks Catholic nuns!). There are weeks where I will do it everyday, sometimes three times a day, and then other weeks where I don’t feel the urge at all. If I feel like it, I do it, simple as that. It is free, good for you mentally, emotionally and physically, and makes you feel good… what more could you ask for?!

How confident are you in your sexual identity?

I am confident that I know what I like, what I don’t like, what turns me on and what turns me off. I have fully embrued my submissive kink and am happier than I have ever been with my sex  life. I am very open to trying new things but I am confident enough to say no to something I know will not work for me.

What was your most cringeworthy sexual experience?

Oh god! I was about 17/18 maybe, and it was Xmas eve. I was out of my mind drunk. I ended up making out bigtime with a mate of my older brother. He was not a looker, (good love him), and much, much too old for me. It was a very intense make out session that stopped just short of sex, but not that short! He was mind-blown… as I said he didn’t get much female attention.

I woke up Xmas morning with a very vague memory of it and feeling sick as a dog. Sitting at Xmas dinner with my family my brother-in-law declared, “Hey was that D**** I saw you eating the face off at your front door last night?” All eyes turned to me. My brother glaring at me and my sister choking on her turkey, laughing her ass off. My parents were NOT impressed.

How do you react when you get sent photos of penises?

It has only happened once in a DM on twitter. I simply told him I wasn’t interested in that and he apologised and that was it. He did however unfollow me a few days later. I see many more penises on here than I ever do on Twitter!

If you could change one thing about you or your life, what would it be and why?

I have a couple of health issues that, if I could wave a magic wand to be rid of, I would do it in a heartbeat.

How did you feel the first time someone saw you naked in a sexual context?

I felt pretty cool about it. A bit nervous but mostly excited and powerful. Which is odd because I am NOT body confident.

What is the sexual fantasy you most want to make a reality?

Living it! The introduction of BDSM into my relationship has enhanced it so much I cannot begin to tell you! I do want to expand my experiences and am very interested in Shibari and suspension and I want to push my pain limits.

I am very, very into pretty girls but I have been told no! He considers that being unfaithful… I even offered a show and was declined. So, unless my circumstances change radically, that is one fantasy that must stay in my head! Ah well, we can’t have it all, can we?

I nominate:

Gail Fae on Gailsworld

Annie on Sex With Annie

Smitten With Him

Marie on Rebel’s Notes

Christina on Christina’s Musings


Molly on Molly’s Daily Kiss

A and M on Cammies on the Floor

Charlie on Sex Blog of Sorts

Ann on Ann St. Vincent

And here are MY questions for you! Be truthful now!

  1. How important a part does masturbation play in your life? Your relationship?
  2. How confident are you in your sexual identity? Are you happy to divulge it here?
  3. What is the sexual fantasy you MOST want to carry out in real life?
  4. What sexual fantasy would you NEVER do in real life?
  5. If you could have a night of wild sex with anyone on the planet, who would you chose? Why?
  6. Is there a price that you would have sex with a stranger? Indecent Proposal style.
  7. Have you ever, or would you ever, have sex in front of other people? Or sex with more than one person at a time?


Thanks Chloe for the nomination and great questions!

Copyright, 2015,

All rights reserved.


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