My ABCs!

Inspired by Stella, I present my ABCs…


A – amiable, affectionate, approachable

B – blogger, ballsy, brave, bright

C – creative, crafty, considerate, conscientious, curious, chatty

D – devilish, dorky, depraved, dreamer

E – empath, engaging, educated, erotic, enthusiastic

F – funny, fuckable (I hope!), flirty, feisty, fiery, friendly, foul-mouthed

G – generous, gregarious, gluttonous, Good Girl, gardener, giggler

H – hedonist, humanist, hell-raiser, honest

I – intuitive, INFP, idealist, intelligent, imaginative

J – jokey, jovial, just me

K – kinky, knowledgable, kind, Kat!

L – loving, loyal, lewd, Little

M – mouthy, mad, music-lover, mischievous

N – naughty, nature lover, non-conformist, nosey, naive

O – open, over-excitable, OTT, optimist

P – punctual, playful, passionate, pragmatic

Q – quirky, quizzical, quick-witted

R – reliable, reader, rowdy, raucous, romantic, resourceful, real

S – sexual, sensitive, submissive, sociable, strong, sweet, smart

T – tolerant, trustworthy, trusting, thoughtful, twisted, talkative

U – understanding, unique

V – vivacious, voracious, vulgar

W – warm, witty, wanton, wicked, woman, writer

X – x-rated, xenodochial

Y – youthful, young at heart, yappy

Z – zany, zesty

That’s me… A-Z!

Why not have a go?


Copyright, 2015,
All rights reserved.


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