Improving on Perfection… Erotic Passages

Yes… it has been said that it cannot be done but I am here to tell you that I have proof of otherwise!

My gorgeous, sexy, talented bestie Felicity Johns released her debut eBook earlier this year.

Entitled Erotic Passages, it is a collection of deliciously dark and evocative prose and verse, exploring our basest erotic, sensual and sexual desires, fantasies and, if we are lucky, experiences. She skilfully and beautifully explores our deepest emotions of love, intimacy, lust and trust.

Erotic Passages was simply breathtakingly brilliant in its first edition, but I am delighted to say that Felicity, never one to rest on her laurels, has been chiseling away at it and has succeeded in improving on an already excellent piece of work. The latest edition is even easier to navigate and find your favourites, with improved typeface and layout.

I thoroughly enjoyed rereading it cover to cover in its new format and I, hand on heart, can highly recommend it as a gift for a loved one or, go on! you deserve it… for yourself! Ridiculously reasonably priced, it will be a collection you will return to again and again, always finding a new insight every time.

I am eager to point out that, yes, I adore this lady and she is a dear friend, but I do have my own reputation to consider and maintain, (as a writer, if not as a generally all round wonderful gal!). Hence it is not in my interest to recommend any work that I do not fully endorse and believe in. I just think this book deserves to be read and this writer deserves recognition.

I would love to hear back from you if you do read it, we can compare our favourites pieces maybe? Like a mini book club!

The new and improved edition of Erotic Passages is available through this link. You can thank me later!



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All rights reserved.


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