Heat… Elsa


Part 1 of the story is here.

Elsa purposely swayed her hips as she walked away from the farmhand, hoping he was watching. She had caught him looking at her several times since he started working there, each time he looked away lightening fast and tried to act as if he hadn’t been staring. It had been so long since she had any male attention that at first she thought she was imagining it, but seeing the way his eyes devoured her as she handed him the glass of lemonade reassured her that she wasn’t crazy.

“C’mon Duke! Inside!” she held the screen door open for the aging lab cross and he shuffled in to find his favourite place on what used to be her father’s chair.

Six months now since he had passed, leaving her to manage the small holding alone. Her Momma had lost her fight against cancer 4 years prior and Elsa had felt there was no choice but for her to leave the city and return to care for her old Dad. Jody, her baby brother, was dumber than a brick and couldn’t be relied upon to do much more than drink beer and shoot at the cans once he’d had his fill. He was pretty, and always had a girl on his arm or in his bed but it was never an option for him to step up and take on responsibility. Rolling her eyes and cursing under her breath, thinking to herself, ‘Baby brother! The dumb fuck is 30 freakin years old!’ then, running her fingers through her hair as she said out loud to Duke, “Well, I guess that makes me an even dumber fuck, huh Duke?”

Sighing, she went to the sink to wash the fixings for a salad and looked out the window across the field. Her hands submerged under the cool flow of water as she washed tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce, humming one of her favourite songs, she watched him digging. The sunlight caught the golden hairs on his arms and chest, his skin glistening with a coating of sweat as his muscles flexed. God he was beautiful! Not too muscular, not a body building type, his definition came from hard work, tough physical toil and labour. His dark blue denims cupped his firm ass perfectly and she watched, captivated, as once again he lifted his hat to swipe his forearm across his brow. The strong midday sunlight caught his blonde hair, now wavy from the moisture of his sweat, shining golden in its rays.

She felt her breath quicken and the heat that spread between her legs came as a shock to her. She couldn’t remember the last time a man had touched her, the last time anyone else’s fingers, other than her own, had brought her pleasure. Without noticing she was doing it, her hands traced her own jawline, fingers deliciously cool from the water, down along her collar bones and reached under the neckline of her vest. Too hot for the restrictions of a bra, her fingertips grazed her nipple, drawing it out of its hiding place and playing with it as she watched him. Feeling the growing wetness soaking her underwear, longing to feel some touch there, she slid her hand away from her breast and down into the waistband of her shorts, parting her legs and leaning against the side of the sink for support. Her fingers caressed and stroked, her eyes on his body the entire time, face flushed, small groans escaping her open lips.

The sensations from her fingers sent her higher and higher and her eyelids slipped closed as she let herself fully embrace the building pleasure spreading from her core outwards. Her fingers working furiously, other hand pushed up under her top squeezing on her hard nipple, she sank to her knees as her orgasm tore through her, eyes squeezed tight, unselfconsciously crying out. As the aftershocks pulsated though her, a slow smile spread across her lips as she tried to regulate her breath again. Opening her eyes, unfocused still as she rearranged her clothes, she brought her hand up to her face and looked at her coated fingers before sucking them and imagining him doing the same.

A rap at the screen door, “Ma’am? Sorry… Elsa? You ok there?” as his head appeared around the doorframe, a look of alarm on his face, “Did you fall?” He rushed over to help her to her feet as she fumbled in a panic to ensure her clothes were in proper order.

“Oh! Yeah, yeah I’m fine, I ah… yeah I’m fine. Sorry… You decided to come have some lunch?” she replied, feeling ridiculous and embarrassed and hoping to God that he hadn’t seen what she had been doing. As he helped her to her feet she was hyperaware of her pruney fingers and the musky scent of heat and sex that hung around her, and for once in her life, hoped that the odour of her sweat from the extraordinary heat would mask it.

“You want to wash up some while I fix us something?” she asked, trying to regain her composure and some sense of control over the situation.

A slow, lopsided grin spread across his face as he gave one nod of his head and said, “Yeah, sure. It’s Bill, by the way,” and he offered his hand properly in a handshake.

Something about the way he smiled at her made her wonder if he had been at the screen door longer than he made out, but she just smiled back and pointed him towards her small bathroom down the hall from the kitchen. She watched his slow, easy walk across the room, and allowed herself the fantasy that he had watched her and liked what he saw. Feeling a new throb begin between her legs as she turned back the counter to assemble a salad, she grinned to herself, humming her song again under her breath.


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