Calling all readers and writers of erotica!

I was asked yesterday on twitter why I write erotica.

My answer was easy… it is enormous fun and, to be honest, it comes easier and more naturally to me than any other genre. Whatever that says about me… I will leave to my readers and, possibly my future shrink, to decide.

I have  been asked if I ever get off on other people’s writing… well, doh! Of course!

I have come across, (pardon the dreadful pun!), many excellent writers, and have certainly felt tingles whilst reading their stories.

If a person can write about sex in an arousing manner, avoiding cliché, whilst maintaining a balance between fantasy and credibility, it is, in my humble opinion, a sure indicator of whether the writer possesses true talent and skill.

It is no easy feat… all too often we fall foul of “quivering staffs” and, dare I quote it… *“puckered love cave”?!

And, fair is fair! I would never ask you a question I  am not prepared to answer myself so…

Yes, I do get aroused whilst writing my own fiction too! I figure if it is not making me squirm in my seat as I type,  it is not going to make you squirm either! So, I sit at my kitchen table, picturing scenes, sometimes miming out some actions to see if I am describing them accurately… yeah, my neighbours get an eyeful!

If you would do me the great favour of answering my polls I would be simply delighted and forever grateful. I promise it will not take more than 3 minutes of your time!

I am always striving to improve and always aim to please my readers.

I very much want to keep giving you all stories and material that interests and, yep, stimulates you!

No need to leave any personal details, just click on your answers, and if you can expand at all, please do so in my comments section. Feedback is always welcome and I hope it helps me improve and keep y’all happy!

Thanks guys and gals!

I do love y’all!

*as if you didn’t already know! 50 Shades of Grey, EL James.

Copyright, 2015,

All rights  reserved.


7 thoughts on “Calling all readers and writers of erotica!

  1. Done 😉 In the last one, I chose #1, but I had to stop and think about it… I actually do get turned on by your kink, which is surprising because, well, you know me 😉 I’d love to see more stories like The Weekend, with an appropriate amount of kink sprinkled in 😉

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  2. Of course I do ( ‘yes’ to the first two polls) – else I would read and write Alice in Wonderland stories. How satisfying would that kind of fantasy be?

    Every one of the stories I write has a piece of me in it: my erotic fantasies that I can’t live out anywhere but in my mind and on paper. Hopefully, someone else gets turned on (or at least entertained) by them, otherwise what would the use of posting them on a blog be?

    I think that one of the shortcomings of blogs as a medium for posting erotica is that the writer so seldom gets any meaningful feedback. There is some quantitative element of it (the number of likes and followers, the stats etc) but that hardly gives any qualitative feedback such as “This piece was so friggin sexy that I found myself squirming in my chair. Darn, that stain I left on the leather seat was so embarrassing when I got up and my friend/spouse/whatever saw it.”

    I got one note of feedback like that (which I posted on my blog with the writer’s permission) and that was even more arousing than my original story!

    Oh yes, I also love the idea that the authors of my favorite blogs are getting turned on as they write; that in itself is a turn-on 🙂

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    1. I couldn’t reply to your longer comment for some reason but I did want to thank you for it!
      I agree about the limited feedback from blogs, and that is one reason I wrote this post. I think maybe people to read our erotica can shy away from leaving comments. But, when I do get one saying they have “enjoyed” a story it sure makes me smile! My latest BDSM story prompted a woman to reply that she had “played with myself while reading that”… No higher praise than that yeah!?


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