Sir and Little Girl… Knifeplay


She felt the cold of the blade rest against her hip bone. She bit her lip and opened her eyes.

This time he had decided to allow her to watch rather than be blindfolded.

Her wrists were securely bound to the bedposts with metal cuffs. Her legs spread wide, ankles shackled.

Wearing a matching lace bra and thong and nothing else, she lay waiting. Watching him.

His dark eyes narrowed as they met her deep green ones.

The hint of a menacing twitch playing around his lips was all that indicated his pleasure at her anticipation, her uncertainty, her fear. He relished the hardening he felt in his trousers.

Watching her breathing increase; observing the flush that crept along her jawline and over her cheeks; seeing her pupils dilate; the dewy glistening of sweat resting on her upper lip; all combined to create the heady vision lying before him. Flooded with power and lust, his senses razor-sharp, everything around him refocused into slow motion. Hawk-like, no movement or reflex of hers escaped his scrutiny.

There was nothing quite like seeing her scared and unsure of what was about to happen. Except, of course, for the transformation that took place behind her eyes when she realised what was in store for her.

She watched him. A mixture of desire and fear in equal measure making her feel slightly lightheaded, even whilst lying bound and prone on the bed. She licked her lips, tasting the saltiness on her upper lip and felt the wetness between her legs seep through the thin fabric of her sheer underwear. His wrist flicked and the blade severed the thin strip of lace on her hip, then he quickly flashed over to cut the other side, leaving the diaphanous triangle of material resting on her public bone.

A low chuckle from his throat as he traced the tip of the knife over her skin, from one hip bone to the other, up along her stomach and circling her navel, dipping ever so slightly into it and back out to leisurely travel up towards her breasts. Her ribcage expanding and contracting, faster and faster, as her eyes followed the blade’s journey across her pale white skin, watching the faint pink roadmap of scratches it left in its wake. He hadn’t pierced the skin… yet.

He rested the knife-edge flat against her sternum, beneath her bra, between her breasts and he watched her. His vision keenly focused, ears tuned to the sound of her rapid breathing. He could smell the chemicals seeping from her pores, a mixture of fresh sweat, her own special scent of vanilla and toffee, and something else… fear.

A sense of complete concentration descended over him. He twisted the blade, careful not to knick her flesh, but only to snap the bra, releasing her breasts from it and they bounced free.

Using the tip of the knife he once again charted a course, this time around her erect nipples, toying with them, his eyes flicking between his hand and her face to gauge her state.

Her eyes were closed, breathing heavy, face flushed. He breathed her name and she opened her eyes. He raised his eyebrow in a silent question and felt pride when she imperceptibly nodded her consent to continue.

Running the blade down her torso towards the shredded fabric at her groin, he used it to peel the remnants back, revealing her smooth, bare pubis. His breathing deepened with overwhelming desire as he observed her pale white, beautiful mound and her secret pink slit nestled between her velvet folds. She glistened with lust.

An involuntary gasp escaped her lips as she felt the, now warm, metal flattened against her pussy. Unable to control it, she felt herself starting to tremble. The heat, the throbbing, the wetness between her legs increasing to the point of being almost unbearable.

A small cry from her lips and he growled, “No. You will not come until I give you the command. For that little one, you will pay.”

Clenching the knife handle between his teeth, he roughly tore the sodden scraps from between her legs, rolled them up and prized open her jaws, stuffing her thong deep into her mouth, making her gag. Her eyes momentarily widened in panic and she buckled against her restraints. The metal of the cuffs ripped into her wrists, causing her to subdue her struggles and focus on breathing through her nose.

“Suck, little one. Drink in all your juices and remember, no noise. No orgasm until I say so.”

She nodded, her jaw distended around the gag in her mouth. She could taste the residual laundry detergent and softener mingled with her own flavour and felt the unpleasant dryness of fabric against teeth.

“I think you need some time to reflect on what an impertinent brat you’ve been.”

Her eyes followed him as he walked over to the table and puts the knife down. He turned and came back to the end of the bed, his hands gripping each bedpost and he simply watched her, contemplating her. Drinking in her exposed state.

Taking his phone from his back pocket, he angled the viewfinder between her legs and started taking photos.

Close-ups, long shots of her entire exposed body, close-ups of her face, her eyes filled with tears, mascara running down the sides of her face into her hairline.

“We need a reminder for you of exactly what happens to little girls that don’t listen.”

She nodded vigorously from the bed, her eyes pleading with him for forgiveness. He looked down between her legs again and saw hot wet she had become, her juices dripping down onto the sheet from her lips.

“You love being photographed you dirty little slut. Don’t you? You love showing off your juicy wet cunt, don’t you?”

Arching her back as much as her restraints allowed, she squirmed with desire and need and nodded again, trying everything she could to beg him for release.

Pulling the soggy rags from her mouth, he leaned in close to her, nose-to-nose and repeated, “Don’t you?”

“Yes Sir, yes I do.”

“Dirty little bitch.” His hand struck her across the cheek, leaving a red flush, which made him harder than ever.

Positioning himself at the head of the bed, he undid his flies and stroked his hard, throbbing erection. He slapped her forehead with it lightly and she obediently arched her neck to allow her tongue to run over his testicles and suck them gently. Placing his hands under her shoulders, he roughly hoisted her up further on the bed, leaving her head slightly dangling over the edge, the slight slack he had left at her ankle shackles now straining and stretching her legs uncomfortably.

Lowering himself on to her, he forced his entire sac into her mouth, stretching her lips wide. Her tongue worked on them as he twisted his fingers through her hair.

Pushing her head away and releasing himself, he bent forward slightly and she began to hungrily lick and suck on him, working up and down his shaft, along his ridge, applying firm pressure, before taking his velvety tip inside her lips and running her wet tongue around it, tasting the clear liquid beading there.

Grabbing her breasts, squeezing them and twisting her nipples painfully, he rammed his cock into her mouth, forcing her to deep-throat him. Gagging, tears streaming down her face, she sucked and squeezed him with her mouth and throat muscles, her eyes always locked on his, as he demanded.

Pinching and slapping her swollen nipples, he thrusted himself into her, fucking her mouth with unreserved brutality. Feeling the exquisite tightening in his balls, he growled the order, “Now! Come now!” and bucked violently as he erupted inside her throat, just as she spasmed involuntarily against her restraints, pulling against them and chafing her delicate skin.

Looking down at her as she licked and swallowed every last drop, he released her wrists from the cuffs before moving down to repeat the action at her ankles.

He ran a soft cloth under the hot water at the sink in the corner, he wrung it out and, climbing onto the bed, he tenderly cleaned up her scraped and bloody skin where the metal had dug into her.

Her eyes glazed, limbs ragdoll loose, she flopped her head against his chest as he cradled her in his arms and stroked her face.

“Good girl,” he soothed, his voice filled with love and pride.

a special shout out to my technical advisor! who wishes to remain nameless… you rock!


Copyright, 2015,

All rights reserved.


31 thoughts on “Sir and Little Girl… Knifeplay

  1. I followed you until you used the word ‘slut’. Even in this context, it turned me off (pun intended 😉). I found the swapping points of view interesting though.
    I guess this one didn’t work for me also because of the violent assertion of power which could be construed as abusive and I have issues with that.
    It doesn’t take away from the compelling style though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fair enough, BDSM, (not abuse), isn’t everyones cup of tea. Just to clarify, it was a story about a S/M relationship and both parties got aroused and fulfilled from the situation. I, in no way, shape or form, condone abuse, ever. Furthermore, the word slut is highly emotive and in this context, believe it or not, is a term of affection.
      I appreciate the feedback, thank you! x


      1. I’ve read some of your BDSM stories before and I didn’t mind; no that’s not fair… I did like most of them. In fact, I did click on the link to read this one right 😉 knowing full well what you write? It’s a complicated thing for me but you make it work.

        It’s just on this one I felt that it had moved into the realm of desires not shared, unlike your other writings. Not the beginning; that worked.
        But then, the slut word sort of caught me off guard. I don’t really like the word anyway but thanks for explaining how you used it. I guess it wasn’t obvious for me on this one, although I seem to recall there’s another story where you wrote it and it didn’t catch me like that.
        Really, it changed with the tears and the gagging… I guess that’s why it didn’t work for me. There’s something extremely forceful and hopeless about the word ‘gag’.

        So far in all your stories I’ve felt that there’s always mutual consent and that’s why I come back 😉 . Beyond the fact that it’s in the realm of the possible and always with two people finding fulfillment, it’s also written in a breezy way. It’s agreeable to read.

        I wanted to explain my feedback because I wrote before going to bed, so my thoughts may not have been the clearest. Because I know from what you’ve been writing/telling about yourself on your blogs that you don’t condone abuse; in fact I loved your acrostic poem about trust, I think it really gives a true idea of what you write. Just wanted to explain the feelings.
        Thanks for reading my very long winded explanation.
        Keep on writing, I’ll keep on reading 🙂 .

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I love your feedback and I appreciate you taking the time to elaborate!
        I’m exploring all aspects of BDSM at the moment and that story was inspired by conversations I’ve been having with friend who happens to be a sadist.
        I too had certain views on S/M, which have changed over time. The tears and gagging were intense, and before I thought about it and explored it, the imagery would have upset me too. Now I see it in terms of two people getting what they need from each other. She has a need to feel used and he needs to use/hurt/humiliate her. It’s very reciprocal.
        I get that I didn’t explicitly lay down that is was consentual… I left it implied.
        I’m going to explore more S/M scenes in this series so I’ll warn you that it will almost certainly not be for you… If you see the title Sir and Little Girl maybe it’s bets you don’t click! I never, ever intend to disturb or upset anyone. I’ll still be writing my more mainstream erotica so there will be other things to read!
        Honestly, I value your feedback and tham you!


      3. Hey, we’re consenting readers 😛 , we choose to click. As a reader I find it’s part of my “job” to give feedback since I like receiving it when I write; helps me get better.
        Your writing and imagery were definitely compelling. I’ll know to stay clear of the Sir and Little girl series. Or maybe I’ll try again knowing now what you endeavour to do with it 😉 . Open my mind…

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Hi!
        I just wanted to let you know that your feedback and our discussion this morning has prompted me to write an article. I will give an overview of the gist of our conversation but I wanted to ask you if you would rather remain anonymous or would you like me to name you?
        If I name you, of course I will include a link to your blog, and with some luck, you might attract some new traffic.
        Let me know what you decide, okay? If you prefer to remain anon I will absolutely strive to not give away too much of our discussion in order to protect your identity.
        And hey! thanks for inspiring me!

        Liked by 1 person

      5. You can use my name; if I didn’t want my name out there, I wouldn’t have commented at all in the first place 😛 .
        Thanks for asking, and you’re welcome; I’m glad that I could have inspired you.


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