Writing 201: Poetry (Trust)

Jeez Louise @benhuberman! You really are stretching my little underdeveloped poetry muscles! (I love it, by the way!)

Today’s challenge, (and I do not use that word lightly!), was to write a poem based on the prompt trust, try to use the device of Internal rhyme, and as if that wasn’t enough, write it in the acrostic form! Yeah, no worries!

I had a go and found, (surprise, surprise!), that I really enjoyed it! Like, really!

It was so much more fun than I expected it to be.

So a big Thank You to the lovely Ben for showing me a whole new way to write!

My attempts are pretty average but I intend to keep at it and write a few more later…

Feedback, as always, is very much appreciated!


Tied and bound, I

Relinquished myself

Unto you, I




Behind my mask, my task to

Open totally myself to you

Naked and bound, I have found

Desire that I never knew

 Copyright, 2015, illicitthoughts.wordpress.com

All rights reserved.


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