Ask Me Anything!

My very dear friend, *Felicity Johns, is about to release her first eBook, (Erotic Passages), on Wednesday and we were brainstorming ideas this morning on various ways to promote her. I had a moment of inspiration, (yeah, it happens…)  and suggested she do an #AskMeAnything post on her blog and her twitter ac.

She loved it and went ahead… here’s hoping it works! Fingers and toes crossed babe!

I realised then that I actually kind of wanted to try my idea out myself!

I highly doubt I will get any questions at all but… fuck it!

I’m granting you permission to ask me a question that you might have wanted to ask me before…

Your question can relate to any or all of my three blogs and can be anything you like!



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All rights reserved.

12 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything!

    1. Oooooh! Great question!
      For as long as I can remember, ie: my earliest sexual memories or feelings, were based on power, control, etc and, although I am a very confident and strong person, my inclination by nature is submissive.
      I derive great pleasure from serving and helping others before myself.
      The psychology of BDSM and paraphilia have always been the most fascinating thing to me. I even considered a Masters or PhD in it but for some reason never pursued it.
      I experimented during my early years of sexual adventure but the BDSM got put away for a long time, until recently! Now I am, as they say, living the fucking dream baby!
      Thanks for a great question!

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    1. Oh god that’s a hard one! As the actress said to the bishop…

      To be honest I find it very difficult to separate the three…

      The physical vulnerability and the total surrender of being submissive brings on very powerful emotions.
      The physical sensations, the binding, the removal of sight by being blindfolded, the exquisite pain/pleasure balance… Again it’s not just physical at all, it’s deeply emotional. I am always still surprised by the strength of feelings, physically and emotionally, that arise in me when I am dominated.
      Then the mental aspect… The challenge to overcome my natural impatience and learn patience is, well, challenging!
      I do feel that I am learning more and more who I really am. And also, I am learning more about Him and its been so good watching Him discover more about me.
      The fact that we trust each other implicitly has strengthened our bond.
      I’m making a hash of this answer and to be honest I think I’ll have to think on it a bit more!
      Just out of interest, which aspect is most alluring to you? Can you separate them?


      1. I have difficulty separating them as well. Like you, for me each is a an instrument in the band – while I can distinguish one from another it’s what they create *together* that makes the music we love listening to.

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  1. We all have our reasons for writing erotica. I am only a casual participant. Please tell me what motivates you and the primary personal need the act of erotic writing serves for you. In the interest of fairness I always answer the questions that I ask, if you are interested (smile)

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    1. I wouldn’t say it’s a need! I started out with a blog about my life in General and then branched into fiction. It turned out erotic fiction came most naturally to me! I enjoy it and the process of planning a story, the challenge of avoiding cliches and thinking up characters. It’s fun!


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