Meet and Greet Sexy Blog Thread

A wonderful way to network, swap ideas and share our blogs!

SEX w/ Annie


I have had a few bloggers who just are just starting their sexy blogs on WordPress,  and another on a totally separate blog who have asked me the question: “How do people find me?”

So I thought I would try to help and do as the HaRshReaLity blog does.  And that’s open up my own blog page to other Sexy bloggers of the kinky persuasion as a kind of meet and greet for sexy blogs.

HaRshREaliTy has been doing this for any kind of blogs for a year now, and it’s working. So it’s a good idea to check out his blog too.

If you have a sexy blog that has anything to do with kink, BDSM, D/s, submission, Dominance, relationships, eroticism, fantasies, Kinky romance, Photography and of course Sex then keep reading.

Yes, I’m encouraging you to post your blogs URL with a SHORT description in the comments section so…

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