Sunday Afternoon…


“Wear these and sit on the end of the bed. I will be back soon,” he hands me a pair of very sheer nylon pantyhose, a transparent black lace vest top, a tiny pair of lacy pants and a blindfold.

“The pants go over the hose baby,” he orders. He takes my six-inch heels from the wardrobe and places them on the floor at my feet. I look up at him and nod my head.

Alone in the room, I dress quickly, checking my reflection to ensure I look good. I put on my black suede heels and sit on the edge of the bed, as instructed, tie the blindfold over my eyes and wait…

After a few minutes I hear the door open and I tense in anticipation. I sense him standing near my knees but not touching. I lick my lips, wondering what he will do.

“Hands in front.” I press my wrists together in front of me and feel the nylon stocking being wrapped and tied around them, binding them tightly

His hands part my knees just slightly and run up along the length of my thighs.

“Lie down.” I obey, stretching my arms over my head.

I feel his palms move upwards, stroking my stomach, raising the lace of my top up over my breasts. A new sensation… tickling my skin, making me squirm. Feathers caress my nipples, my throat and my face. He uses the feathers to brush my lips. I bite and scratch the itch with my teeth.

“Behave…” he growls and I stop biting.

The leather tip of the crop traces down between my breasts, over my hips, to the tip of my clit and back again, then light, teasing taps on my nipples. I pant and arch my back in delight.

“Open them,” I part my legs wider as he continues to rap on my nipples with the leather. The heat between my legs grows and I feel myself getting wetter.

The crop stops abruptly and I wait to see what he will do next, breathing hard. I inhale sharply as I feel the firm leather tip press against my clit. He leaves it, simply applying pressure, not moving. My hips involuntarily grind down onto it and I hear a low chuckle.

A very light tap on my clit elicits a gasp from between my lips. He slaps the inside of each thigh sharply, shocking me.


The flat tip sneaks underneath the lacy edge of my underwear, pulling it to one side for him to admire my smoothness through the sheer nylon covering me. Feeling his hand pulling my pants down, I lift my hips to allow him to remove them.

I hear him inhale deeply and smile as he whispers, “Delicious baby. You smell so sweet.”

“Turn over,” I roll onto my stomach, “Ass up, on your knees, face down.” I do as I am told, arms over my head, elbows on the bed, face pressed against the covers, my ass high in the air

Slap! A hard smack stings my butt cheek. I love the feeling and stick my behind out further, silently asking for another. He obliges with a second and third blow using his hand, softly rubbing the skin between slaps.

The tip of the crop snakes its way up along my back and around to my front where he begins to lightly rap my swaying breasts, slapping them alternately.

My entire body trembles with desire and need, my thighs quivering uncontrollably. I groan aloud, craving more.

He leans down over me, I feel his hard erection press against the nylon at my groin and press down onto him.

“Fuck it,” he whispers under his breath. He stands up and tears the crotch of my pantyhose, ripping it wide open, ruined. His fingers delve deep inside me, meeting no resistance, his other hand gripping my hip. I grind myself down onto his hand.

His fingers leave my pussy, he thrusts them into my mouth and I suck on them, tasting my own sweetness.

I feel his hard, hot cock slide into me from behind and, holding my hips firmly in place he starts to slam into me, harder and faster each time. The pressure of him against my wall, pressing against my G-spot is exquisite, making me cry out, not caring if the neighbours hear me. With each thrust I call out my pleasure, certain I will cum at any minute.

His arm circles my ribcage and he lifts me up to kneel upright, pressing my back against his chest as he continues to fuck me hard. He wraps one hand around my throat, the other plays with my swollen clit. My tied hands don’t allow me to reach behind to grab his ass, as I would like to.

“Please?” I beg, “Oh god, please?”

He releases me and pulls out. Roughly, he spins me around and pushes me back onto the bed, flat on my back, pushes my knees apart, and without delay, slams into me again. I wrap my, now shredded, nylon-covered legs around him. He grabs my ankles and lifts them up, pressing my knees down onto my chest and draping my feet over his shoulders, making his furious penetration deeper again.

Still restrained by my wrist binding, still blindfolded, we fuck each other like animals, until I feel him spasm over me and his hot cum flows into me.

Breathless and sweating he collapses beside me and kisses me, for the first time since he entered the room.

“Baby, I love you, “ he caresses my cheek. Untying my wrists and blindfold, I see his smiling face, “Your turn.”

He moves to sit up, his back against the suede headboard and pulls my legs, so I am lying with my ass resting on his lap, thighs parted, totally exposed to his gaze. He slides his finger inside me and strokes my G-spot, his other hand rubbing my clit, wet with our mixed juices. I lift one leg and press the heel of my shoe into his chest, just enough for him to feel the pressure but not enough to hurt. He narrows his eyes and grins at me.

His eyes switch between watching what he is doing to me with his fingers and looking down to meet my eyes. His lust and desire making his eyes heavy and hooded.

The eroticism of me, watching him, watching his fingers fuck me, triggers my nerve endings to fire off as an orgasm washes over me, my eyes squeezed tightly shut, mouth open, body convulsing.

As the aftershocks dissipate, I open my eyes and we smile at each other.

I am flushed, happy and exhausted, having been well and truly fucked.


Copyright, 2015,

All rights reserved.

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