I roll the long, thin cigar between my fingers, inspecting it for lumps.

Raising it to my nose, I breathe in the intense, smoky scent.

I caress the space between my mouth and nose with its length, my head swaying from side to side, my hair brushing against my shoulders.

I lift my eyes to see him watching me from across the room, his eyes heavy and hooded with desire.

I run the cigar over my lips and across my jawline, then stroke the head of it down between my breasts before circling my nipples and smiling at him.

Holding it steady in my right hand, I use my guillotine to chop off its cap with one clean… snap!

Flicking open my Zippo, I warm the foot of the cigar, my fingertips rotating it slowly over the flame.

I uncross my sheer stockinged legs and slightly part my thighs, my stilettos shifting to reveal my smooth, bare pussy.

Placing the cigar between my lips, I hold the flame close to the tip and inhale gently to light it.

I turn it around and softly blow on the foot of the cigar, watching it glow orange, as my eyes meet his again.

His mouth is open. He is breathing heavily. The bulge in his trousers tells me everything I need to know.

Keeping my eyes locked on his, I lift myself from my seat and walk slowly towards him, my high heels making my hips sway.

Kneeling between his parted legs, I draw in the cigar smoke and hold it, savouring the flavour on my tongue, before releasing it up into his face.

He groans in pleasure, tilts his body forward and breathes in the woody smoke from my mouth.

I puff and rotate it several times, each time blowing the smoke up towards him as he leans down to keep his face close to mine.

Gripping the cigar between my teeth, I stand up and sit on his lap, tucking my legs up under me, kitten-like. I reach across him to lift the glass of cognac from his hand and sip, the flavor enhancing the smoky aftertaste of the cigar in my mouth.

His eyes drink me in.

I take the cigar from my mouth and offer it to him. He pulls in smoke into his mouth and smiles at me while I sip the warm amber liquid.

Stretching down, I put the glass on the floor by his feet and reach up to loosen his tie, pulling it off completely and opening his shirt buttons to reveal his chest.

He rolls the cigar between his finger and thumb and places it between my lips again. I draw in the smoke, looking deep into his eyes as I do. I exhale over his open mouth and he breathes in my second hand smoke.

I flick a scattering of ash onto his bare chest and smile wickedly at him, getting a light smack on the bottom in return.

I lean closer and run my tongue over his bottom lip, nipping it gently with my teeth.

He grabs a fistful of my hair, pulling me close and covers my mouth with his, his tongue leisurely exploring inside me. We taste of smoke and cognac.

Breaking the kiss, he places the cigar back in my mouth.

My hands sink down to his waistband and I unzip his trousers to release his erect cock. I shift positions back to kneeling before him and blow warm smoke over it, feeling him shudder.

I take another pull on the cigar, our eyes locked together, exhale and then I take the head of his cock into my mouth and suck, as if inhaling once again, running my tongue over its velvet tip.

His hands on my shoulders, he lifts me up and brings me onto his lap, straddling him. He guides himself inside me as I continue to smoke and blow the woody smoke into his face.

Cigar clenched between my teeth, I grind against him, my clit rubbing against his groin, feeling his cock press against my front wall, making me spasm.

His hands holding my hips firmly in place, fingers digging into my flesh, he administers one sharp hard slap across my ass. I pump faster on him, needing my release, feeling like I am about to explode.

Another hard smack, and I feel my orgasm taking me over.

Riding him furiously, my muscles clenching him tighter, I feel him convulse beneath me and his hot cum erupts inside of me.

We slow down and our eyes meet again.

He takes the cigar from my mouth, kisses me, tasting the residual smoke, and puts it in the ashtray at his side.

He strokes my cheek tenderly and I see the love in his eyes.

I feel complete, knowing how much I have pleased him.

Copyright, 2015 illicit

All rights reserved.


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