First Time…


The smells of alcohol and food hit my nostrils as I walk into the bar. I scan the room, searching for him. He is sitting at the bar with a drink, watching me with a smile on his face. I am wearing my black dress, stupidly high heels and sheer black stockings. When I see him, I slowly walk over, careful not to trip in the shoes I bought specially for him.

I climb up onto the bar stool next to him and say, “Hi babe, I’ll have a glass of red please.” Acting much braver and more confident than I feel, I lean over and very lightly place a kiss on his lips. As I pull away, he cups the back of my head and draws me back for a longer kiss and breathes, “Hi gorgeous,” into my ear.

He orders my drink and suggests we move to a private corner booth away from the bar. Standing up, he takes my hand to help me down off the stool and walks me across the bar, his strong hand pressing on the small of my back.

He brings me my drink and sits next to me, his arm over the back of the booth, body turned towards me and he looks at me for a few seconds, his eyes scanning my face. This is the first time we have ever met in the flesh. I look back at him, drinking in his eyes, the eyes I have only ever seen on a screen. They are even more stunning in real life, deep green, peppered with flecks of amber. I could look into them forever and never want to stop.

I giggle and blush with nerves. He tells me he likes what I am wearing and that I look good. I ask if I am not a disappointment in the flesh, and he gives me the look that I have grown to love. He looks directly into my eyes, tilts his head slightly to the right, and asks why on earth I would say that. His intense gaze, filled with kindness and sincerity, makes me feel foolish for asking my question.

I shrug my shoulders and say it doesn’t really matter and take a sip of my wine. We start to talk about how we feel, that we are both nervous. From nowhere, we both erupt into a burst of giggles. Our foreheads touch as we laugh, I smell the beer on his breath and, out of the blue, his lips are on mine, his hand cupping the side of my face.

The kiss deepens. The bar is practically empty, but even if it wasn’t we don’t really care. His thumb strokes my face. The only parts of us touching are our lips and his hand to my face. I reach out and put my hand on his thigh.

I tighten my grip and dig my fingers into the hard muscle of his thigh and hear him groan into my mouth. We break the kiss and breathlessly look into each other’s eyes, foreheads touching.

“Fuck, I’ve waited so long to see you and to taste you, do you really want to finish that drink?”

I toy with the idea of messing with him by saying yes, that I want to stay in the bar. But the throbbing between my legs wins out over my teasing nature and I shake my head, “Fuck the drink, how about you just fuck me instead?”

His face breaks into a huge grin, he takes my hand and leads me to the lift. His hand pressed again into the small of my back as he presses the call button.

The doors open and he guides me in, ever the gentleman. As the doors close I reach over and take his hand in mine and squeeze it, feeling the roughness of his palm against my softer one. He pulls me close and whispers my name as our bodies press together, the scent of his aftershave, spicy and woody, making me dizzy. I rarely wear perfume, and I wonder if he likes my natural vanilla/toffee scent.

“You know, I want this so much but I’m scared…”, his fingers brush my hair out of my eyes and his thumb strokes my bottom lip, “I know gorgeous, I’m a bit scared too, no pressure, ever,” he replies.

The doors open and we step out, holding hands. He leads me to the door of the room he has booked. I’m throbbing in anticipation and desire but my heart is racing… What if we don’t gel? What if he doesn’t like me? What if I don’t like him?!

He opens the room door and leads me in. Slowly he presses me against the wall and lifts my arms over my head. I feel his warm breath on my ear as he whispers for me to keep my arms raised until he says different. He sinks to his knees before me and pushes my dress up over my thighs and hips, using his hand to part my knees.

He sits back on his feet and looks at me, examining my smooth bare pussy. His rough fingers spread me open, slipping one inside and finding how wet I am. He comes in close and inhales me, breathing deep and moaning because he loves my scent, pushing my dress up further, over my stomach and chest. Rising to his feet, he pulls the dress over my raised arms and throws it on the floor.

He steps back, his eyes roaming over me, enjoying the sight of me in my quarter cup bra, sheer black hold up stockings, nothing else.  Watching him looking at me causes my breath to quicken and my heart to race. I long for him to touch me. His eyes take in every inch of me, from my toes, up along my calves and parted thighs, lingering at my pussy, over my stomach and breasts, taking in my flushed face and finally looking straight into my eyes. He steps towards me, lowers my arms and leads me over to the bed.

Pressing me down to sit on the edge, he once again drops to his knees and pushes my thighs far apart. His fingers play with me while I sit on the edge of the bed, looking down, watching him. His head lowers and I gasp as I realise what is about to happen.

His gorgeous eyes meet mine as he very slowly licks me, his hands on my hips holding me in place. Sitting on the bed edge, watching him work on me is so fucking erotic I can barley stop myself from coming immediately. His thick fingers spread me wide open and I feel his hot wet tongue sink inside me as he starts to suck on my clit. My hands go to my breasts and I pull on my hard nipples that are spilling out from the quarter cup bra. He licks and sucks faster, watching me play with myself. I throw my head back as I spasm when my first orgasm washes over me. He stays, gently licking me, but I can’t bear any more and beg him to stop. Kissing my inner thighs, he raises up to put his mouth on mine, letting me suck on his tongue as his hand finally find my nipples for the first time.

I wrap my legs around his waist and pull him down on top of me, pressing myself against his groin, making his jeans wet. I run my hands underneath his shirt and touch the skin of his back, then come around the front to undo the buttons and shove it off his broad defined shoulders. He pulls it off completely as I kiss his neck and chest. I stretch up to put my mouth against his ear and whisper, “I want you in my mouth”.

He stands up, kicks off his shoes and pulls off his jeans and socks. I lie across the bed, hanging my head off the edge and signal for him to come stand at my head. I open my mouth and raise my eyebrow to him and he knows what to do. He slides inside my mouth, feeling my warmth and wetness. He takes it slowly, knowing I have little control with this position and he doesn’t want to choke me. Languidly pushing himself into me and back out, I suck and play with him with my tongue. He pulls out completely and offers me his balls, which I take into my mouth as much as I can and suck gently on them, running my tongue over them and groaning as I do it. Moaning with pleasure, he plunges his cock back between my lips again.

I relax my throat completely and reach my arms around and cup his ass with my hands, taking him in deeper into my mouth. I feel him entering my throat and I accept him, holding him there before he slides back out again. My mouth is dripping wet and saliva is running down my jaw as he continues to fuck my mouth until I feel his ass clench hard and he cries out. His hot salty juice fills my mouth and I dig my fingers into his ass as I drink in what he offers me. He softens against my tongue and leaves my lips. He bends down to kiss me, telling me how good it felt.

Lying down beside me, we move up so our heads are on the pillows. He takes me in his muscular arms and kisses the top of my head. His hand traces the skin along my spine, sending shivers through me.

“I want to watch you play, gorgeous,” he says and I look up at him, a grin spreading over my flushed face. I sit up and straddle him, kneeling on his thighs and slowly run my hands down along my body. I put two fingers inside myself and bring them to my mouth, licking them for him to see.

My left hand takes my nipple and pulls on it, stretching it, making me even wetter. I stroke myself in front of him, my legs spread wide so he can see everything I do. I watch his cock stir against his leg and know this is turning him on again. HIs eyes are glued to where my hand is, mouth open. I am fingerling myself fast, close to coming but I need help.

“Help me babe, pinch it…” and he reaches up and takes my nipples in his fingers and pinches hard, making me cry out from the bliss the pain brings me. Flicking them very hard with his finger and thumb, I can’t stop myself from coming, loudly, crying out again as the intense pleasure of my orgasm makes me lose control.

He pulls me down and hugs me tight, knowing how much I am feeling and wanting to offer me comfort. I kiss his cheek and feel his erection against me, stiff and hot. “How do you want me?” I ask and he rolls me over onto my back.

Grasping my long spiked heels in each hand, he lifts my feet up into the air and enters me with one fluid stroke, then pulls out completely before slamming back into me. My knees are knocking against my breasts as he pounds me mercilessly, filling me completely. On his knees, he drives into me faster and harder, making me cry out again as he nearly rips me in two. Letting go of my feet and lying down over me, he slows down and becomes more gentle. We grind against each other in time until the sweat pools on our stomachs and groins. He looks down at me as if I am precious and brushes the damp hair from my face. I feel him give one last shuddering thrust and he sighs as he comes again and stays inside me, slowly shrinking and leaving me. I feel his hot sticky fluid seep out of me onto the bedspread.

He kisses his way down along my breast, stomach and hips, lifting them up, wrapping his hands around them as his tongue licks away his own juice from me. Writhing against him, so aroused that he is cleaning me, caring for me. The heat spreads from where his tongue is, up through my entire body, sending electricity through my skin and I quake with the power of this orgasm, shaking and sweating. Every nerve ending in my body explodes, I cry his name out loud and press my thighs together around his head, feeling the intense, almost painful, pleasure as I come for him.

Gently nuzzling his way back up my body his eyes look deeply into mine and he says, “I’ve waited so long Gorgeous, and this has been worth every second of it. I’m fucking crazy about you.”

Feeling satisfied and incredibly happy and completely in love, I wrap my arms around his neck, pull him down and whisper into his ear, “me too babe.”


Copyright 2014,

All rights  reserved.







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