The Surprise…

FullSizeRenderWalking towards his office I can feel my clit throbbing in anticipation of what I am about to do.

My heels click as I walk across the marble floor of the lobby towards the elevator. Smiling at the receptionist and his colleagues that I recognise from social events, I suppress a giggle at the thought of them knowing my dirty secret. I reach out and admire my dark navy manicured nails as I press the call button. Stepping into the elevator I check my reflection in the mirrored wall. My eyes are smoky and I have kept my lips simple with a slick of gloss.

The doors open on his floor and I make my way to the bathroom. Inside the cubicle, I reach down between my legs to feel how wet I am. I collect my juices on my fingers and dab them over my throat and behind my ears as if they were a perfume.

Outside his office, I rap on his door lightly with my knuckles.

“Come!” from inside and I open the door.

I stand in the doorway and smile at the look of surprise on his face.

“Hi! I wasn’t expecting to see you today baby,” he gets up and walks towards me to kiss my cheek. I reach out my hand to stop him, then close the door and turn the lock.

Walking towards him, standing directly in front of him I say, “No talking,” and open my long coat.

I enjoy the way his eyes almost pop out of his head and mouth drops open. I slide the coat off my shoulders to the floor and stand before him in my deep purple quarter-cup bra, matching sheer lace pants, black hold ups and knee-high leather boots.

His eyes travel over my body, drinking in the sight of me, before returning to meet my eyes, a broad grin spreading over his face.

I slowly sink to my hands and knees and crawl, cat-like, towards where he stands in front of his desk, never taking my eyes from his. Kneeling at his feet, I look up at him and trace my hands up along his calves and thighs, pausing at his zipper, raising one eyebrow suggestively.

He reaches down, takes my shoulders lifts me up to standing, his hand reaching around to grip the back of my neck as he pulls me in and kisses me, his tongue deep inside my mouth.

His other hand moves to my exposed breast and he plays with my nipple as his mouth leaves mine to kiss his way down my throat and chest. Bending down, he takes my nipple between his lips and sucks on it and I run my fingers through his hair, sighing with pleasure.

My fingers find his zip and I slowly undo it and slip my hand inside to feel his erection straining against his shorts. I grip it through the fabric and tease him, smiling at the low throaty groan he makes.

Breaking my contact with him, I back away towards the sofa across from his desk and sit, spreading my legs wide for him. The sheer fabric of my underwear leaves nothing to the imagination and I take both my breasts into my hands and start to play with my nipples.

He sits on his desk and watches as I slide my hand down to grab the spiky heel of my boot and lift my leg high into the air as I finger myself through the lace. His enjoyment is evident through the bulge in his suit trousers.

I take hold of the waistband of my pants and slowly pull them down over my hips, thighs, knees and feet. I throw them at him and he catches them expertly, bringing them to his face to breathe them in deeply, as he walks towards me and drops to his knees in front of me.

I push my fingers inside myself and spread my wetness over my swollen clit while he watches me.

His hand moves forward and he slowly unzips my right boot and pulls it off my foot. He runs his hand up from the arch of my foot, along my calf, tickling me behind my knee and over my thigh to the top of my hold up stocking. Hooking his fingers under the edge he peels the stocking down my leg and off, then sits up and leans in towards me.

“Shut your eyes, baby,” and I do as he asks. He wraps the stocking around my closed eyes and ties it behind my head, making me giggle at his inventiveness.

Deprived of my sight, I have no idea what he plans to do next. I feel the zip on my other boot being undone and he repeats the removal of it and my other stocking.

“Baby, puts your hands behind your back for me,” he breathes into my ear. His idea makes my clit throb more and I immediately sit forward and clasp my hands together for him to tie with the stocking. As he leans in to bind my wrists I feel his breath on my face and smell the mint of the sweets he likes to suck on during the day, mixed with his musky cologne.

My hands secure behind my back, I feel his hands on my shoulders pushing me back onto the sofa and I lie down more, scooting my ass off the edge.

Listening to his breathing, I feel his fingertips trace over my nipples and down over my stomach to rest at the top of my thighs. I jump when I feel his tongue behind my knee, flicking and tickling me, then slowly licking up along my inner thigh and stopping to suck on where my thigh meets my pussy, his nose resting against my clit. Unable to touch him or myself, I moan out loud with anticipation, whisper his name on my breath,

He moves over to suck at the other side, still bypassing my nub. I rub myself against his face, trying to make him move to where I really want his mouth to be.

I feel his fingers entering me, probing gently and then stretching my lips wide open as his tongue pushes deep inside me, the tip of his nose rubbing my clit making me shudder and tremble. He pulls his tongue out and kisses my mouth, letting me taste myself while his fingers continue to tease me. I suck on his tongue greedily before he is gone again and I feel him licking me again, flicking his tongue over me and sucking, until the heat spreads up into my belly and breasts and overwhelms me, making me convulse and squirm under him.

He removes my blindfold and our eye meet as he pulls me close to kiss me. I open my mouth and give myself to him entirely.

I ask him to untie and he does so immediately and I push him down to lie on the carpet, straddling him.  I pull his unzipped trousers and his boxers down over his hips, freeing his erection. I lower myself and lick his balls slowly, before wrapping my mouth around them and sucking lightly on them, enjoying the groan of pleasure that escapes his lips. My hand strokes his cock as I work on his sac, my fingers spreading the pre-cum that drips from his head. I lick up along his shaft, applying firm pressure with my tongue before flicking my tongue over his glans, making sure to keep my tongue wet for him. His hands are in my hair, massaging my scalp. I open wide and take his full length into my mouth and suck him, moving my head up and down along him, letting him touch the back of my throat.

“Unnngh…” he groans. I relax my throat completely and allow him inside it, feeling his width filling me. He bucks his hips uncontrollably and I realise that if I want to fuck him I need to stop.

My mouth leaves his throbbing cock and he utters a curse of frustration. I immediately sit on him and take him inside me, rocking my hips in a figure eight, massaging him with my muscles.

Feeling him rubbing against my clit brings on my need to come again and I quicken my pace, riding him hard and fast, both our hands cupping and squeezing my breasts. I come first, crying out his name, trying to be as quiet as I can. Feeling my muscles tighten and spasm around him tips him over the edge and I feel his hot load flood into me and I fall to lie on his chest, breathing in the fresh laundered scent of his shirt.

Pulling my hair to lift my head, he looks deep into my eyes, kisses me and says, “Thank you baby for the surprise visit, I love you.”

Copyright, 2014, illicit

All rights reserved.


18 thoughts on “The Surprise…

  1. WP really needs to add a ‘Fucking LOVE’ button just for you 😉 Love the bit about the mint on his breath… I’m not sure why, but that just really pulled right into the scene. Beautifully done, as usual! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

      1. lmao!!! I think these men who put up with us should get some kind of purple heart or something. Or at least awesome surprise office sex…. this would be awkward for me, as mine works in a cubicle…… I need to write you an email and tell you what I got surprised with today…

        Liked by 2 people

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