Waking up… (flash fiction)


His hand between my buttocks wakes me from my sleep.

Flat on my stomach, I arch my back to raise my butt up and open up for him, spreading my thighs. His fingers tease and circle my entrance before he slides one deep inside my ass.

I press my face into the pillow and moan with pleasure.

His other hand curls around to my front and takes my nipple between his fingers and pulls it hard, twisting it and stretching it, making me gasp and groan. He glides his fingers down and he thrusts two fingers into my cunt and finger fucks me fast and hard, slipping in and out easily thanks to my dripping wetness.

Being penetrated in both ways is making me want to come so quickly, too quickly. The pressure from his fingers pressing against both sides is divine. I squirm underneath him and bite down on the pillow.

His fingers withdraw completely, without warning, leaving me unsatisfied and frustrated. I begin to utter a complaint until I feel his fingers in my hair, pulling my head back. He wraps his other hand around my throat and squeezes.

I feel his hard, hot cock against my clit and press myself down onto it. He releases my hair for a second to grip my hip as he slams himself into me, throwing me forward onto the pillow.

His hand leaves my hip and presses my middle back down onto the bed, his grasp staying on my throat, making my body twist into an U-shape, my ass high in the air for him.

He slaps my ass cheek, hard, the sound and the sting making me even wetter. More slaps… I picture the reddening of my skin and moan with desire.

His hand on my throat is restricting my breathing too much and I feel panic rising in my chest.

I gasp for air and claw at his hand. I remember the rules and call out my safe word as best I can, and feel relief surge through me as he immediately releases his grip and moves his hand to squeeze my breast instead.

Pounding into me, slamming his hips against my ass harder and faster, he gives me permission to touch myself and come.

I reach my hand down and finger my swollen, throbbing clit, rubbing furiously, desperate to come.

Both his hands on my hips now as he pummels deep into me, I know he is close to his release, as he starts to buck against me.

Feeling his hot load erupt inside of me tips me over the edge. My orgasm rips through my body violently. His hands on my hips are the only things preventing me collapsing completely.

He pulls out and his juice trickles out of me as I allow my shaking body to lie straight again, noticing the ache in my back that will be my secret reminder of this all day.

He lies beside me and strokes my back gently, in stark contrast to his ferocious taking of me moments ago.

Our eyes meet and we smile at each other, “Good girl, baby,” he says and kisses me.

Copyright 2014, illicitthoughts.wordpress.com

All rights reserved


12 thoughts on “Waking up… (flash fiction)

  1. I love the visual of him pulling out leaving your juices to run down your thigh, My hubby would just be getting started at that point, using his tongue to stimulate us both to the next level. It does help that he LOVES our juices! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I couldn’t reply to your longer comment for some reason but I did want to thank you for it!
      I agree about the limited feedback from blogs, and that is one reason I wrote this post. I think maybe people to read our erotica can shy away from leaving comments. But, when I do get one saying they have “enjoyed” a story it sure makes me smile! My latest BDSM story prompted a woman to reply that she had “played with myself while reading that”… No higher praise than that yeah!?


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