One Night Only

imagesI feel his eyes on me again.

He has been staring at me since I took my seat at the bar.

Since before that really.

I had spotted him instantly as I walked into the hotel bar, in my black silk backless dress, my hair woven into a chignon to highlight my neck.

I noticed him noticing me.

Although he is not my usual type, I find him highly attractive. Dark hair curls sexily at the crisp white collar of his dress shirt. His long, sun-kissed fingers toy with his drink. Looks like scotch.

I smile to myself as I entertain the idea of sending one over to him.

I look up, meet his gaze and hold it.

His eyes seem to darken and he tilts his head almost imperceptibly.

Very deliberately, I trace my fingers over my collarbones.

The bar attendant comes over to ask me for my order, forcing me to be the first to break our contact. I order my red wine, make a joke with the barman and we laugh.

I glance around the room, surreptitiously checking to see if he is still looking. His eyes are still on me.

I sense a presence next to me, and turn to see a tall, smiling man taking the barstool beside mine and I return his smile.

He tries to engage me in conversation and I politely respond, careful to not encourage any ideas he may have that he has a chance with me. He is quite witty and charming, so I am finding him a pleasant distraction. He would, in fact be more my usual type, but inexplicably I cannot stop thinking about the dark-eyed man across the bar from me.

I occasionally glance over in his direction to watch him watching me, sipping his drink.

My new companion notices that my glass is nearly empty and offers to buy me another. I decline and tell him that I am married, (I’m not). His smile falters and a blush rises over his cheeks.

Definitely my usual type.

I excuse myself, saying need to visit the ladies room.

I look directly at the man opposite me, and turn to slide off the stool, revealing my naked back and shoulder blades.

The ladies room is behind him. I keep my eyes turned down to the floor as I walk towards him, waiting until the last minute as I pass by him to look up and meet his eyes again, seeing that he has turned his head to follow my progress across the bar.

Inside the cubicle, I think about him coming into the ladies room and me opening the door to my hiding place, granting him access. I feel the wetness between my legs at the thought of what he would do to me and what I would do in return. I pull my underwear down to my knees and start to stroke my clit, fast, my other hand resting against the door to keep me upright. It happens quickly, I feel my orgasm build and erupt throughout my entire body and stifle the cry from my lips with my fist.

I check myself in the mirror before exiting the room, noticing the post orgasmic glow on my cheeks and wonder if he will see it too.

The first thing I see is his broad back, his muscles defined under the fitted white shirt. My eyes scan down to take in his thick strong looking thighs, bulging against his dark trousers. Good shoes.

I gather myself and return to my stool, aware of his eyes burning into my exposed back. My new friend has taken my hint and left.

As I take my seat, about to order another drink, the barman places a glass of red wine in front of me. I look over and he raises his scotch in a very discreet cheers motion.

I smile and return the gesture, take a sip and lick my lips.

He doesn’t smile but I see something change in his eyes, amusement maybe. He is enjoying our little silent flirtation.

Two drinks is my limit. I drain my glass and leave a tip on the bar as I rise from the stool. He puts cash on the bar and knocks back his scotch in one swallow.

I hesitate and check my phone, allowing him to leave the bar before me.

I watch him leave the hotel front entrance and turn right. I follow at a distance, and see him turn again to walk around the back of the hotel to the gardens.

It is dark, only the moon and the solar light features dotted around the path aid me. I have no idea where he went and am starting to think I need to just turn around and return to the hotel. Maybe see if the smiling tall man is still there. I feel the need for more than my own hand tonight.

A hand around my bicep, another grasps my throat and I am yanked back behind a giant oak tree.

He presses me against the trunk, I feel the rough bark against my bare back as he pins me and leans down to run his nose along my jawline.

He smells of scotch and musk and I feel his strength and power in the way he holds me helpless against the tree.

He lifts his head from my throat and stares deep into my eyes as he grips my wrists in one giant hand and holds them firmly above my head. My breath is coming quick and heavy and I lick my lips.

I want him to kiss me.

Instead, he maintains eye contact and slides his other hand to the clasp at the back of my neck that keeps my flowing backless halter neck dress in place, releasing it and letting it pool on the grass at our feet. I stand pressed against the tree wearing only my lace underpants.

His hands release my wrists but I leave them above my head. He grasps my breasts, pinching and rolling my hard nipples between his fingers, pulling and stretching them exquisitely. I close my eyes and bite my lip, arching my back so as to push my breasts up into his hands.

One hand leaves my nipple and slides down my body to the top of my underwear, which he tears off me easily, plunging his fingers deep inside me. I am so wet there is no problem for him to fit three fingers inside me, his thumb strumming on my clit as he continues to torture my nipple.

He steps away from me abruptly and I drop my arms to my sides, letting his eyes travel over every part of my body. I watch as he sinks to his knees and parts my legs with his hands, looking at my smooth, wet sex. His fingers spread my lips apart and he licks me slowly and deliberately, then flicks his tongue over my clit in tiny taps, driving me insane with lust and desire. I look down at him and his dark eyes meet mine as he licks and sucks on me. I bury my fingers in his thick curly hair and massage his scalp, throwing my head back as I feel the explosion coming over me, making my legs tremble and shake. He holds my hips steady and kisses along my stomach.

Grabbing my wrists he pulls me down onto the grass and kneels between my open thighs, pulling down his zip and exposing his large engorged erection, which he begins to stroke and he looks down at me. He presses down against me, still fully dressed, and grasps my hips, turning and pulling me on top of him as he lies his back on the grass.

I sit up and take his cock in my hand and guide it to my entrance. I slide him into me as deep as he can sink and start to grind against him, lifting myself up and lowering back down onto him. I feel him inside me rubbing against the sensitive front wall of my vagina, stimulating my g-spot and feel that I will come again too soon.

Looking down at him, pressing my breasts together with my arms as I rest my hands on his broad chest, I ease my movements so I can savour the sensations for longer.

He takes my hands from his chest and pulls on my breasts again, slapping and flicking my nipples.

I cannot take much more. I lean back and rest my hands on his thighs, exposing my clit for him to rub with his thumb as I ride him hard and fast.

His body tenses underneath me and I feel the hot liquid shoot up inside of me and seep back down onto his groin.

It sends me over the edge into oblivion, feeling every nerve ending in my body, from my clit to my scalp, fire and explode like fireworks.

Collapsing down against him, I feel his hands stroking my spine and I wince at the scrapes he finds there from the rough tree bark. I hadn’t noticed any pain while he was fucking me with his mouth, but I know I will feel it for a few days to come.

I smile against his chest, glad to have something to remember him by.


Copyright 2014,

All rights reserved.


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