The Crop

On my knees.


Wrists bound with the leather belt behind me, forcing my breasts to sit high and firm on my chest.

He traces the firm leather tip of the crop from my knee, up along my thigh, and continues up over my hip and across my stomach.

I turn my head away in pleasure and anticipation.

He strokes my skin with the tip, following the vertical line from my navel up between my breasts.

It circles my nipple, tickling it and making it more erect.

A light tap and neurons fire through my body.

Rapid, delicate pats, catching my nipple and making me squirm. It does not hurt… yet.

Arching my back more as the pressure increases, the sting of the tip as it strikes my nipple causing me to tremble.

“Open your legs.”

I part my thighs, tucking my feet underneath my ass.

He traces the leather tip down the side of my breast and under it, using it to slightly raise and lower it, making it bounce.

I giggle.

He taps the tip on the inner side of my folded knee, one slow hard strike, leaving a red mark.

Gasping with shock as he repeats the blow, working his way up along my inner thigh.

It stings, but it feels so fucking good.

I marvel at the red marks left on my pale white skin.

The slapping sound of the crop meeting my skin is making me wetter.

“Up!” and I raise my butt up off my feet, legs parted.

I feel the shaft of the crop resting where my ass meets my thighs and I tense in anticipation.

He hits.

I cry out, in pleasure.

Feeling so vulnerable and open to him is what gets me off.

I trust him implicitly.

I am his to play with.

He will stop if use my safe word. I have never had to use it.

I feel the tip of the crop slide between my legs.

He tickles my sex with it, making me groan.

He moves around to my front and dips it between my legs again, playing with me with feather-light taps.

I squirm and arch my back, opening my thighs wider for him.

My knees are hurting but I don’t care.

I just want to feel the exquisite sensations of the leather on my clit.

“Come, baby. Come for me.”

He flicks the tip faster, alternating between tapping against me and gently tickling and stroking me.

I feel it coming from deep inside me, radiating from the pit of my stomach, spreading out through every nerve ending.

Eyes squeezed shut, breathing hard, fingers and toes curling, I cry out loud.

Shuddering and trembling, my knees give out and I collapse to the floor, still feeling aftershocks of pleasure.

He wraps his arms around me and pulls in me close to him. I smell his scent. Musky.

Kisses my head.

Strokes my cheek.

Rocks me gently, whispering to me, as I come down from my high.



 Copyright, 2014

All rights reserved.

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