il_340x270.643870572_imnhOn my knees

Fingers slipping over my swollen sex

Squeezing my breast

Pulling on my nipple

Thinking of you

You watching me

Hips thrusting against my hand

Rocking on my knees

Back arched

Head back

Eyes squeezed shut

Falling forward

Hand on the floor

Fingers sinking inside

Spreading my thighs further

Thinking of your eyes

Watching me

Sweat dripping onto my chest

Running down my breasts

Close to the edge

Fingers slipping faster

Breathing harder

Thinking of your mouth

Where my hand is

Senses fade

Blood rushing

Surges of ecstasy

Of rapture

Overwhelm me

 Copyright, 2014,

All rights  reserved.






13 thoughts on “Alone

      1. I understand that, but what a writer writes isn’t necessarily about themselves. Too many males make wrong assumptions about female writers based on what they’ve written. I know I wouldn’t want someone to make character judgements about me based on my writing.

        The bottom line, is be respectful to the writer.

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