The Gift

His fingers toy with my nipple, pulling on it, stretching it to the point of pain and releasing it again. We are lying together on my bed, naked limbs entwined, the sweat from our fucking drying on our skin.

“I have an idea baby girl. Something I want you to do, to please me,” his dark eyes tear straight through me.

I have come to accept that I will do anything for him.

If it pleases him, it pleases me.

He can be distant and even disappear at times, but he always returns to me. And I always take him in.

I am addicted to him.

I feel that he has infected me.

Like a virus, he flows through my bloodstream, causing me to feel dizzy, distracted, feverish and sick to my stomach at times.

But I welcome this illness.

I crave it.

I have never felt as alive as I have since I met him.

My body is giving me pleasure I never knew it was possible to experience.

He has pushed me to limits I did not ever know were there, let alone that I could reach them.

He has slapped me, spanked me, humiliated me and fucked me every way possible and I have let him.

I will let him do anything.

I am his now.

“I want to please you, tell me.”

“You will see, soon.”

I am lying in the bath he has ran me, relaxed and enjoying the heat, the soft bubbles and the cold Sav Blanc he brought me.

He is downstairs and I hear his voice, low and soft. He must be making a call.

I close my eyes and sink down into the warm scented water.

I hear the door opening and smile, keeping my eyes closed.

A hand runs through my damp hair, stroking it form my sweating brow.

Something feels different.

I open my eyes.

Kneeling beside the bath is a simply beautiful woman, fair luminous skin, long blonde hair and clear pale green eyes.

I splash some water in shock and sit bolt upright, my breasts leaving the cover of bubbles. Her eyes turn to them and back up to meet my eyes.

He is leaning against the doorway, smiling at me, stretches his arms out in a Tah Dah! gesture and I realize this is his idea, what he wants.

A surge of heat flares between my legs and I feel my nipples grow harder.

He knows this is a fantasy of mine… to be with another woman. And he has chosen my perfect type.

This is not just to please him.

This is his gift to me.

I look back at the woman and feel my face and chest flush with blood.

I have wanted to do this for so long, but can I?

She stands and offers me a towel.

I lift myself up and stand in front of them both, suds dripping down my body.

Wrapping myself in the towel, I step out of the bath.

She takes my hand and leads me to the bedroom.

He sits in my armchair in the corner of my room, ankle resting on his knee, his thumb stroking his bottom lip as he watches us.

Facing each other, she is the same height as me, I stoke her long, silky blonde hair. Her jawline feels smooth and fragile under my fingers, so unlike him.

She gently places her lips in mine. This feels very different.

Her lips are soft and full. Her scent, sweet and fresh. The absence of stubble is incredibly sexy. I open my lips and tentatively lick her lips, meeting her tongue as she responds. Heat flares in my groin. My nipples grow hard.

I slide my hands down her throat, down along her body to the edge of her top and pull it up. She lifts her arms up and lets me take it off. She reaches around and unclasps her lacy bra.

My eyes are locked on her breasts.

They are bigger than mine, full and round, pale pink nipples erect. I cup one and feel how much heavier it is than mine, which barely fills my own hand. My thumb traces her nipple and she unwraps my towel, letting it fall to the floor. Her hands push my breasts together, squeezing my nipples between her thumbs and fingers. My nerve endings catch alight, sending shocks through me.

I take her breast into my mouth, running my tongue over her nipple, feeling its hardness in contrast to her soft breast, erect and crinkled against my tongue. I suck on it and gently nip it with my teeth, smiling when I hear her gasp in surprise.

My other hand drops to her waistband and unpop the button on her tight jeans. Now that I have started, I feel no hesitation or shyness, I want to see her naked.

She steps away and wriggles her jeans and pants down over her hips and removes them completely. I run my eyes over her body. Her body is simply breathtaking, but I cannot take my eyes from the tiny thatch of sandy-coloured hair between her legs. I want to touch it, feel its softness.

I put my hand on her stomach and caress her soft skin, stroking her from one side of her waist to the other while my other hand cups her ass, squeezing it slightly, pulling her close to me. I feel her breasts against mine, her nipples and mine grazing each other.

My eyes go to him, sitting watching us with the trace of a wry smile playing around his mouth.

I kiss her deeply, our tongues exploring each other, our bodies pressed together. We fall onto the bed, I move to lie on top of her. I kiss my way down her throat, lingering again at her breast, enjoying the sensation of her nipple on my tongue.

I slip my hand down her body to touch that small patch of hair. It is silky soft! I slide my fingers further down to find her completely smooth underneath.

Smooth and warm and wet.

Sucking at her nipples I start to stroke her swollen clit, feeling its hard little nub as my fingers slip over it. I gently push one finger inside her, feeling the velvet silkiness of her, tight around it. I kiss my way down over her stomach and kneel between her legs, which I spread wide.

Lifting her leg slightly, my mouth on the back of her knee, I lick. I hear her groan with pleasure and flick my tongue quickly into the crevice there. I run my tongue up along her inner thigh, planting butterfly kisses along each leg as I move up towards her exposed vulva.

My tongue tastes her for the first time, sweet, musky and delicious. I lick, suck and nibble at her as she squirms beneath me, her hands clutching the bed sheets. I use my fingers and tongue to bring her to the edge and push her over, hearing her cry out hoarsely.

I kiss her mouth, letting her taste herself on me, her hands squeezing my nipples hard. I move, leaning my back against my leather headboard as she kisses my collarbones and breasts. Her fingers delve deep inside me, spreading my wetness all over my clit, rubbing and stroking me. I take her head in my hands and push it down my body until she is between my open thighs.

My eyes meet his as she goes down on me, her hands reaching up, still working on my breasts.

He is smiling at me, enjoying watching me get pleasure from this beautiful woman. Her tongue is wet and soft against me, I cannot help but grind myself against it, my hips rocking, her hands now under my ass, lifting me up. Keeping my eyes on him, I know I am so close, I grab her hair and run my hands through it.

It hits me like a tsunami, my orgasm explodes through my body, my eyes clenched shut, breathing hard, crying out his name as I come over and over again.

I open my eyes and look at him, watching him stand and undo his trousers. He walks over to us and seizes her by her hair, forcing her neck back and he kisses her roughly, tasting me on her tongue. His hands grab her breasts and squeezes them hard, he slaps her nipples. She cries out in pain.

He turns to me, “See why I love fucking you, baby girl? You like the pain.”

“You can go,” he orders her, without taking his eyes from mine. She takes her clothes from the floor and leaves my room, her eyes meeting mine as she leaves.

He pulls me down the bed by my ankles and pushes my thighs wide open. Without hesitation he drives himself into me, deep and hard.

Pulling completely out of me before plunging in again and again, he fucks me.

Owning me.

Reclaiming me as his.

Always his.

Copyright, 2014,

All rights reserved.



2 thoughts on “The Gift

  1. mmmmm…This was incredibly hot. I wanted to be her…….you made it so real. The humiliation of being Cat aside so you could be reclaimed is a bitter pill


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