One… Jay


It was a good gig tonight.

Decent crowd.

One woman caught my eye in particular. She was with a bunch of friends who were talking nonstop, but she wasn’t. She was totally focused on me. Never took her eyes from me all night.

She looked good. Small. Maybe 26-28? Dark brown hair and pale skin.

Slim but curvy, I noticed that when she stood to go to the bar.

Yeah, she looked really good.

She’s back again, third Wednesday in a row. Alone, no friends.

I smiled at her last week and she blushed. That made me smile even more.

I’m glad she’s back. The more I see her, the more I see that she is really very beautiful.

Like a tiny little doll… with a sparkle in her eyes and those curves.

Another gig.

I sit and adjust the mic and scan the room.

She’s there. Her usual glass of red wine in front of her. Wearing skinny jeans and very sexy boots. Her top skims her shoulders, revealing fine collarbones and her slim neck.

I raise my beer towards her, Cheers!

That smile!

So pretty and so shy. But she raises her glass in return and I see a glint of mischief in her eyes.

I wonder what colour they are? I can’t see from here.

I ask Angie behind the bar what wine she drinks, pointing her out.

Feeling stupidly nervous I bring the Cab Sav over to her table.

“Hi, red? Yes?” I offer her the glass and put my beer down on the table, “May I join you? I’ve seen you here every week, thought I owed you a drink at least.”

“Why the fuck am I bouncing from one foot to another?! Stop looking so fucking nervous, man!”


I sit.

Her eyes are green. Like, intensely green, and big, surrounded by thick black lashes.

Her mouth is small, like her, and she has high cheekbones.

We talk, mostly about music.

She’s funny and laughs a lot. She has a habit of stroking her collarbones, which is driving me fucking crazy. I want to trace my fingers across them. And more.

She says she has to go but I don’t want to stop yet. She looks wary when I offer to walk her home. I guess she’s right to be cautious, I could be a serial killer for all she knows.

I don’t want to scare her off so I hold my hands up in a kind of Hey, I’m innocent, you’re safe, gesture, and say “I just want to see you home safe, you’re basically my number one fan!”

She laughs again.

I love walking with her. I want so badly to reach out and take her hand but I don’t. I’ve never been good at making a move on a girl.

But this is no girl. She’s a woman. She looks nowhere near her age of 32.

When we reach her door I think Fuck it! and give her a hug and ask if she will be at my next gig.

Her body feels so good in my arms, so small and delicate, but her grip is strong.

I wish I was brave enough to kiss her.

I’m such a fucking idiot.

As I end the hug I see a flush on her cheeks and wonder does she perhaps feel the same as me?

I go through my usual routine before starting to play.

My eyes find her in the crowd.

“Hi guys, tonight this first song is for my number one fan, they know who they are…”

I see her reaction and it makes me smile. She looks completely thrown!

I play her favourite song, right to her, my eyes meeting hers as I sing.

She looks beautiful, smiling at me.

She’s wriggling slightly in her seat.

I think she wants this too.

“Hey! Great to see you!” I put the glass of red wine in front of her and sit next to her. Our thighs brush against each other and I feel a stirring in my jeans.

She is wearing a pretty, light summer dress tonight. She looks so good.

I want her. I want to know what’s underneath that dress.

She is squeezing my arm.

“Thanks for playing that song. That was amazing!”

Taking a breath, I put my hand over her tiny hand and stroke her knuckles.

Our glasses are empty so I go for it, “So, home again? Can I walk with you?”

We have to run to her place because a sudden summer thunderstorm hits us, leaving us both drenched and breathless. Her hair is soaking when we finally throw ourselves through her complex door.

“Look, I can’t send you back out like that, come up and dry off and wait for this to pass,” she blushes.

“Finally! Is this how its going to go down?”

“Yeah, thanks.”

Inside her apartment she takes off her light coat and I can’t help but look. Her dress is plastered to her body and has been made totally see-through from the shower.

Her pale lace bra reveals her nipples, hard and erect from the cold rain. I wonder how they would feel in my mouth.

“Your jeans,” she says, snapping me out of my reverie.

I look down and see that I’m dripping all over her floor. I strip to my boxers, hoping she can’t see the effect she’s had on me. She takes my wet clothes and brings me a towel.

I watch in wonder as she slowly takes her dress and bra off.

Her tits are fucking amazing! Full and round and all I want to do is touch them.

She starts drying my hair with the towel. I watch as her breasts jiggle, feeling my erection growing in my boxers.

I have to touch them.

I squeeze her breasts together and pinch her hard nipples between my fingers, hearing her groan with pleasure.

She is kissing me, pulling my head down to hers and licking my lips and tongue.

I want her.


I lift her up, her legs wrapping themselves around me and I ask, “Where?”, my mouth on hers.

She points at a door and I carry her inside to her bedroom.

I place her on the bed and lie on top of her, kissing her, sucking her tongue and running my hands over her body. She feels fucking amazing, her breasts are soft and warm, her stomach flat and toned.

I can’t believe I’m here.

Doing this.

With her!

I take her nipple into my mouth, trace my teeth over it and  suck on it hungrily. She’s running her fingers through my hair and moaning, grinding her hips against me. My hand runs down her body to her tiny lace underpants and I reach between her legs. They are soaked through… she is so wet for me.

Pulling them aside I slide my finger inside her, she is velvety smooth and warm.

She pulls my head back up to kiss her mouth and our tongues meet again as I stroke her slippery wetness. She rolls me over so she is on top of me and starts kissing her way down my neck and chest. I feel my balls tighten as I realize what she’s about to do.

Her hand is around my cock, stroking it and I feel her wet tongue lick me from the base of it to the tip, where she’s takes me into her mouth, all the way back to her throat. Jesus! This feels fucking awesome! She’s sucking my whole cock, licking the ridge and tip as she looks up and makes eye contact with me.

Fuck! This is hot!

She smiles at me, actually smiles! A sparkle of pure mischief in her green eyes.

Her mouth and hand keep fucking me and I’m scared now that I going to come. My hips are bucking into her mouth. I pull her up to kiss her mouth and decide it’s my turn to taste her.

I flip her onto her back. I kiss and lick my way all down her gorgeous body, pulling her underwear down over her hips and off completely.

I part her legs and look at her.


Completely smooth expect of a small patch of soft dark hair just over her mound. I can see her wetness and I want to taste it. I tease her by planting gentle kisses along the inside of her thighs, running my nose along her slit.

She smells intoxicating. I could never get tired of doing this.

She moans in pleasure and frustration.

The first taste is sublime.

She is so soft, and sweet! I suck gently on her clit and hear her groan, her hands in my hair, she opens her legs wider. I plunge my tongue into her and rub her with my hand at the same time. She wraps her leg over my shoulder and I pull out and lick, suck and kiss her clit again. Her cry as she tenses up and spasms is throaty and hoarse. Her hand in my hair grabs and I see her other hand clenching the sheet into a ball as she comes hard against my mouth.

Her tongue in my mouth tasting herself, she rolls me over onto my back and lowers herself onto my hard cock.

Aw fuck!

She’s so tight and wet! Her velvet walls grip me as she moves slowly over me. Her hands resting my chest, pushing her tits together, she looks right into my eyes as she grinds against me. She sits up straight, arching her back and grabbing my thighs behind her ass, her tits raised high and bouncing as she increases her pace.

Crying out, “Oh! Nuh! Aaahhh!” I reach up and cup her breasts gently, letting them bounce in my hands.

Her head thrown back, hips bucking and thrusting against me I know I’m going to come.

Tightness, starting in my balls, and out throughout my entire body, sight blurring, hearing fading, an explosion of pleasure as I spurt into her.

I hear her cry out to and feel her walls tighten even more around me as she comes again too, squeezing me firmly.

Opening our eyes we connect and smile at each other. She lies down on my chest and sighs contentedly as I feel myself shrink out of her.

Feeling sleepy and happy and completely satisfied, I kiss the top of her head.

That was fucking awesome.

SHE is fucking awesome!


Copyright, 2014

All rights reserved.


10 thoughts on “One… Jay

  1. Wow, so well done! I love how you parelleled it with her version, using identicle moments, it really aids your reader in being a third party viewer, seeing both sides. I didn’t say that very well 😛 I’m a little scattered today! 🙂 Loved it, Kat!


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