The Affair… (Part III) Home

We have ordered room service.

We sit cross-legged, Indian style, across from each other, in fluffy bathrobes and chew on our supper.

We keep glancing at each other and grinning. Both of us so glad this risky meeting has turned out so well… it could have been a disaster.

“Here,” he offers me a piece of his steak and I accept and pass my sub to him for a bite. The simple ordinariness of sharing food feels so normal… so right.

My mood darkens as an unwelcome thought enters my head, “How am I going to go back to my normal life after this?’

“Lexi? Baby?” concern in his blue eyes, his brow furrowed.

I shake my head and smile, now is not the time to dwell on reality and home. For now, I just want to savour every single moment I have with him.

“Nothing babe, just thinking… Hey! I want to see where you live!” it’s out of my mouth before I have time to think.

Am I pushing too far? Will he think I’m too intrusive?”

He smiles, “You do?”, takes a moment, his eyes on my face, really looking at me.

“Okay baby, tomorrow. I’ll take you home.”

I stifle a yawn. The travelling, the excitement, the nerves, the mind-blowing sex has finally caught up with me.

He takes our plates away and pulls down the sheet. His hands undo my robe and he pushes it from my body and lays it at the end of the bed. Picking me up, he lies me down, my head on the soft pillow, removes his robe and climbs in beside me.

Wrapping me up in his big arms, he kisses my nose and whispers, “Sleep baby.”


I wake up all at once, as I always do… Bang! Awake.

He is sleeping next to me, snoring lightly. I take the time to just watch him. His face is unlined in sleep, completely relaxed.

He looks so young…

I wrap myself in my robe and walk across the room to make coffee. He stirs as I put the cup down on his bedside table, blue eyes open and a smile is instantly on his lips.

He reaches up and grabs me, pulling me down and pinning me to the bed. My face is covered in kisses and his hands tickle me through my robe. I throw my head back and howl with giggles, “Nooooo! Will! Stop, stop!” gasping to catch my breath.

His hands still and he looks down at me. His mouth covers mine with the softest, most gentle kiss imaginable, “Morning baby.”

He is naked underneath the sheet and he opens my robe and spreads it wide. I shrug my arms out from the sleeves and wrap my arms around his neck as we kiss.

His hands run over my body, stroking my breasts, mouth on my neck, working down to take my nipple between his lips and suck on it. His palm slides down between my legs and fingers slip inside me, pressing against my tender spot inside, his thumb working on my clit.

I moan in pleasure and know it is not going to take me long to come. Opening my legs wide, I rock against him and surrender to my orgasm, feeling it run through my body all the way up my spine to my scalp.

He lies on top of me and enters me slowly, making sure I can accommodate him. Resting on his elbows, he looks down at me, our eyes locked on each other as he moves I and out of me with long slow thrusts.

We do not kiss.

We do not speak.

We simply look at each other and feel the connection grow between us with every stroke. His hand brushes my hair from my face, caresses my cheek, stroke my lips. I take his thumb into my mouth and gently suck on it.

His eyes cloud over and he spasms over me, his hips driving into me, bucking uncontrollably as he comes. His head thrown back, a groan of complete satisfaction leaves his lips and he looks down at me and kisses me deeply and sweetly.

I realize I am undeniably, unequivocally in love with him.


On the train we sit, holding hands and talking.

Once he opens up, and begins to talk, he is funny and smart. We play “guess what that person does”, thinking up bizarre and ridiculous occupations and relationships for our fellow travellers.

I snort so loudly at one point that a woman diagonally across from us glances up, startled.

“Lexi baby, I love hearing you laugh,” he strokes my chin and plants a light kiss on the tip of my nose. The startled woman looks away discreetly… how very British! My natural Irish nosiness would never allow me be so tactful. As we say at back home, “she’d go up your arse for information”.

The train pulls to its final destination. We are here!


He unlocks his front door and we enter his hallway. It is plain, neutral, minimalist.

“You want the grand tour?” he jokes and takes my hand to lead me through to his living area, an open-plan kitchen/lounge, decorated in muted greys and blues.

The lounge is dominated by a massive, oversized sofa and giant flat screen HDTV on the wall. A typical bachelor then!

“Hey baby I’ve nothing in, so are you ok to stay here, or do you want a trip to the shop with me?”

The temptation to be alone in his house is too great, and I opt to stay.

“Make yourself at home baby,” he grabs his car keys and leaves me with another kiss.

I kick off my shoes and walk around his kitchen.

Opening the fridge I see he wasn’t kidding. Apart from a couple of bottles of beer, cheese and various jars of condiments, it is bare. Yep… bachelor.

Stealing myself, feeling slightly guilty, I climb the stairs. He did say to make myself at home

His bedroom door is open.

Double bed, dresser, bedside tables, a built-in mirrored slide wardrobe. The walls again the soft grey he obviously favours.

The next door along is ajar and I tentatively push it open to see a large glass drafting table, angled 40 degrees, containers of pens, pencils and Sharpies, stacks of thick sketching paper.

Lying on the table is an unfinished drawing of abstract patterns and shapes, intricate in its detail. The swirling lines are obviously inspired by nature and I can make out what appears to be a female form, knotted up in the spirals and flowing strokes of black ink.

It is beautiful.

I knew he worked in graphic design but I had no idea he was this good. Looking around the walls I see multiple drawing pinned up.

Some are vivid in colour, neon blues and greens bursting from the sheets. Others are elegant black and white sketches.

Feeling as if I have crossed a line into invading his privacy I turn and leave, making sure to leave the door ajar as I had found it.

The front door opens and closes and I hear him call, “Honey! I’m home!” and laughs.

I appear at the top of the stairs, red-faced.

“Snooping are we?” he grins up, but there is not a trace of anger or irritation on his face. He simply looks delighted to see me.

I launch myself down the stairs and into his arms. He struggles to balance the shopping bags he is carrying as I leap up and wrap my legs around his waist. He carefully squats, lowers the bags to the floor and kisses me, smiling at the same time.

He carries me through and sits on his big sofa, me straddling him. Looking into his eyes, breathing fast, my heart pounding in my chest…

I want to please him.

To taste him.

I slide off his lap and kneel before him between his legs. Keeping my eyes on his, I unbutton his jeans and lower his zip. The desire is patent on his face, eyes dark and hooded, his mouth open.

Pulling his jeans and shorts down past his hips I look at his erection, hard and smooth in front of me. Taking him in my hand I begin to stroke him slowly. He licks his lips and balls his hands up at his sides, pressing down into the seat.

I lean forward and put my tongue at the base of his cock and oh so slowly lick along the underside from the root all the way up the ridge to his frenulum, where I pause to flick my tongue over this most sensitive part of him.

He moans involuntarily and I try not to smile. I lick his length and gradually take his whole head into my mouth, sucking gently at it, my hand at the base of him stroking up and down. I swirl my tongue around the tip, licking off the drop of pre-cum that has appeared there. I take a moment to cast my eyes up and see he is looking down at me. Our eyes meet and he groans again, his hands in my hair. I return to licking, gently sucking at each testicle in turn, and then using my whole tongue to run up and down his cock, my hand reaching up to rest on his chest. He grasps it in his and interlocks our fingers.

I use my free hand to stroke and caress his balls as my mouth continues to work on him. I feel his hips start to thrust, his breathing getting faster, his hand grabbing a clump of my hair.

I grab his hips with both my hands and pull him closer, moaning, creating vibrations along his skin.

I love him fucking my mouth and want him to thrust into me.

Feeling his tip at the back of my throat, I kneel up higher and adjust my head to allow him to enter me deeply, completely filling my mouth and and throat.

He cries out, driving his cock into my mouth. I taste his hot, salty juice and swallow it greedily.

His hands lift my chin and he looks down on me, his eyes heavy and his face flushed. I lick my lips, still tasting him.

“Lexi, baaaaaby,” and I stretch up to kiss his mouth.


Copyright 2014.

All  rights reserved.


16 thoughts on “The Affair… (Part III) Home

  1. Yes. Yes, I dropped everything I was doing, I turned off the tv, and dove into this. If this were a book, I would buy it. OMG, I don’t ever want it to end!

    Gawd, what a rollercoaster, and I feel the love between, physical and emotional. This is GORGEOUS, my friend. MORE! 😀


  2. Sweet mother, gawd but that was hot! Very nicely written, not only is it erotic, but there is a story that I find compelling and can relate to. I know what it’s like to have a weekend away from my real life. Your writing captures those feeling perfectly!

    Liked by 1 person

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