The Affair… (Part II) Waking


Something scratching on the back of my neck…

I feel warm breath and feather-light kisses run down my shoulder. His stubble grazes my skin.

We must have fallen asleep.

He is behind me, spooning me, his arms around me. His fingers seek out my breast and tease my nipple, as his other hand slides slowly down my body to my knee.

He gently lifts my leg up and wraps it back around his thigh, opening me up and slips his fingers inside me, finding me ready for him.

He strokes my clitoris deliciously slowly. Deliberate, leisurely circles.

I arch my back against him and raise my leg higher on his thigh, my arm reaches around over my head to grab his hair.

I am rocking my hips and grinding myself against his hand as he continues his exquisite torture. He pulls on my nipple and breathes heavily into my ear, “Baaaaby”, causing all the tiny the hairs on my body to stand to attention.

My orgasm floods over me, slower than usual. I can feel every nerve ending in my body light up.

Eyes closed and mouth open, I whimper my helpless cry of ecstasy.

He moves my leg off from his thigh and gently rolls me over on to my stomach. He starts to kiss from the nape of my neck, all the way down my spine, running his tongue over my skin.

He lifts my hips up slightly, I kneel and rest my weight on my elbows and forearms. I feel his erection sliding over my vulva which is wet from me coming only a few minutes ago.

He teases me with his cock until I groan, begging him to just fuck me. He enters me slowly, pulls out and enters again, and so begins the most intense, deepest sex I have ever had.

I dip my head, resting my forehead on the mattress and pushing myself back onto him.

He pulls out.

“Noooo!” I moan, but not for long as I feel his tongue licking me, entering me. I grip the top edge of the mattress, my fingers crushed against the headboard, and I arch my back to give him more access.

Just as I feel my second orgasm approaching, he stops licking and slams himself into me, hard.

I cry out.

His hands on my hips, holding me firmly as he pounds himself into me. I raise myself up on to my hands and knees, and let him smash into me, my entire body shaking.

I call out his name as I come again, my walls pulsating around his cock.

One final thrust and he grunts with exhaustion and euphoria and falls off me, landing beside me. Our eyes meet and we smile and begin to giggle.

“Bath, baby?” he asks.


I run the enormous bath while he lies on the bed, being very generous with the bath products. I want lots of bubbles.

I catch sight of my naked body in the full-length mirror and pause.

He has completely changed the way I see myself.

Rather than looking at my reflection and criticizing it, I now see the parts of my body that give him pleasure. I take a moment to appreciate my round, full breasts, still firm and defying gravity. I look at the vertical line that runs down my torso from between my breasts to my navel. I turn to the side and let my eyes wander over my flat stomach and around to my behind.

I gasp as I see him reflected in the mirror, standing behind me at the bathroom door, grinning at me. I blush bright red

“Caught ya!” he laughs and wraps his arms around me, lifting me into the bath like I am a child.

He climbs in behind me and I settle between his open legs. I lie back and rest my head against his chest. He cups my chin and softly turns my head around to him, kisses me on the lips, bumps his nose playfully against mine. I settle on his chest and close my eyes.

His fingers trace my wet skin, starting at my jawline and sweeping down between my breasts to rest on my stomach. I press back against him, feeling completely relaxed, my muscles loose and languid.His hand moves down lower and teases me under the water. Although I am not sure I can take anymore, I moan and automatically part my legs for his hand to hold me. He doesn’t move his hand at all, simply cups me, but I feel the heat between my legs anyway. Just his hand being there arouses me, and I find myself breathing harder.

I sit up and turn around to face him, wrapping my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. Foamy bubbles run down my breasts and he watches them and licks his lips. I feel he is getting hard against me again and I reach down under the water to take him in my hand. He feels massive against my small hand.

I stroke him until he is rock hard.

Lifting myself up, I guide him into me and again drape my arms around his neck as I lazily move up and down him, the water gently slapping against the side of the bath. He leans in to kiss me but I shake my head, maintain eye contact.

His hands hold my ass and he allows me to set the pace… slow and steady, until we simply cannot hold off any longer.

Water splashes onto the slate floor as we speed up our thrusting, my breasts bouncing, our breath fast and shallow

He breaks my gaze, throws his head back and jolts into me, “Fuuuuuck….”, his voice low and gravelly.

I smile with delight, knowing I have given him so much pleasure, knowing I have made him come yet again.

I grin at him, “Lets order room service!”


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All rights reserved.

18 thoughts on “The Affair… (Part II) Waking

  1. Dang. Killed my toy.

    I love the line ‘He has completely changed the way I see myself.’ You’ve taken this intensely sexual experience and dipped into the emotion of it, which is what makes it all so very intense. Beautifully done! Part III! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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