The Fairground

He is grinning when I open the door to him.

“Come. I have a surprise for you baby girl,” he holds out his hand to me and I take it and follow him to his car.

“Where are we going?”

“Ssssh. You will see. Don’t be impatient.”

He parks the car on an empty street and we begin to walk, his arm slung casually over my shoulders.

We round a corner and I see a fairground, dodgems, and an enormous Ferris wheel.

I look up at him and a mild panic starting to run through me.

I hate heights.

They terrify me.

He knows this. We talked about fears and desires that night in Room 1220.

What the fuck is he planning?

I am relieved when he leads me to The Waltzer ride and we take our seats in the car. I notice him leaning up to say something to the attendant as the young man lowers the safety barrier. He slips something into the attendant’s hand. He grins down at me and puts his arm around my shoulders.

“Having fun baby girl?”

I giggle up at him, “I love The Walzter!”

Impulsively, I stretch up and kiss him on his lips. I feel so happy that I simply cannot stop myself. He pulls back for a second, frowning, but then his face softens and he returns my kiss.

I feel as if I have scored a tiny victory, although at the same time I wonder if he had been really irritated at my spontaneous gesture of affection.

The Ferris Wheel pops into my mind again.

The ride starts. The platform begins to move, slowly at first on its undulating track, but gains pace rapidly. The car starts to move back and forth on its wheels and we look at each other at start to laugh.

Without warning we are whirled wildly around and the centrifugal force presses us back in our seats. I scream with delight and fright and look up to see the attendant has been holding our car until it reached the top of its roll and then he spun us.

As the ride continues our attendant is unrelenting, and we are treated to the most exciting, albeit slightly nauseating, rides. I feel sorry for the other riders who are not getting any extra spins, thanks to the sneaky bribery of my companion.

When the ride finally comes to an end we stagger off, and I collapse against his broad chest laughing so hard, tears rolls from my eyes. He takes my chin in his hand and lifts it to kiss me so passionately that I forget that we are standing in the middle of a fairground surrounded by parents and kids.

Our tongues meet and dance around each other.

Our bodies press hard against each other. It is all I can do not to grind my hips against him as I can feel his erection against me.

He breaks the kiss and stares directly into my eyes, panting. His eyes are cloudy with desire and I do not think I have ever felt happier in my life.

“Ready for the next ride baby girl?”

I nod my head enthusiastically, like a child.

“Close your eyes. I am going to lead you to the next one. It’s a surprise.”

I am scared but do as I am told and trust him to lead me. I have a sinking feeling he is going to bring me to the Ferris Wheel but I know that I will not fight him.

I am learning… This is how we are

“Keep those eyes closed.”

I feel him lifting me up and placing me into a seat and he sits next to me. Again a safety barrier is lowered and he instructs me to not open my eyes.

I feel us beginning to move. Slowly. My feet leave the ground and we sway slightly. I reach out and grab hold of the safety barrier but keep my eyes locked closed. To be honest, I am scared to open them and confirm my fear that he has strapped me into the bloody Ferris Wheel.

We are rising higher, I can feel a breeze. He shifts in his seat and we sway again. A squeal leaves my lips. I can barely breathe.

“Open your eyes,” I shake my head, No!

“Open. Your. Eyes.”

I feel his hand gripping my jaw roughly and twisting my head in his direction. He squeezes hard and my eyes fly open in shock to meet his dark blue gaze. He turns my head and I see we are moving high above the ground.

My heart leaps in my chest, I cannot breathe. Nausea washes over me and I feel that I am going to start to cry. His hand moves again and I am facing him, our noses brushing against each others.

“Relaaaax,” he whispers and licks the outline of my lips as he starts to rock our car again even more. I gasp in terror and his tongue is deep inside my mouth, stifling any cry I was about to make. He continues to kiss me deeply for the next few cycles the wheel makes until our car stops at the top of the wheel.

My eyes fly open, panic-stricken.

Why have we stopped?!

I realise that we are suspended at the apex of the wheel while the other passengers disembark from their cars below us.

His hand still gripping my chin, he uses his other hand to push the hem of my dress up my thigh and I feel his fingers brush against my underwear.

“Open your legs more,” he growls against my mouth and, as if under a spell, I obey. He slides his fingers inside my underwear and finds me wet and throbbing. He begins his slow circular massage against me and I wriggle in response, which in turn causes the car to sway.

I see that we are on the downward journey now, but not for long, as we stop again to allow more people to leave the ride.

He massages me fast then slow, no longer kissing me, just looking into my eyes as he watches me writhe under his hand. I can see we are getting closer and closer to the point where our car will stop and we must get off.

“Please. Please.” I beg, desperate to come before we are seen.

Abruptly his hand withdraws from my under my skirt and he pushes his wet fingers into my mouth. Tears spring to my eyes.

I cannot believe this. He was so warm and tender after the Waltzer, then he frightened me so badly, and finally left me so unsatisfied and let down.

I feel ashamed and humiliated.

He lifts the safety barrier and helps me from the car, my legs like jelly, and walks me silently out of the fairground and back to his car.

Once we are inside, I finally cannot hold onto my feelings any longer and burst into tears. He glances over at me, leans over and opens the glove compartment and tosses me a box of tissues.

He starts the engine and drives me home.

When I unlock my front door he takes my shoulder, leads me to the sofa, sits and pulls me onto his lap and wraps his arms around me, which makes me start crying again.

I am totally confused.

We had so much fun on the Waltzer, he let me kiss him and kissed me back… but then he was so cruel to me.

He is kissing away my hot tears as they run down my cheeks.

He lifts me off his lap and lies me down along the length of the sofa and, kneeling between my knees, pushes my dress right up to my navel. He pulls off my underwear and glides two fingers inside me.

His head dips and I feel his tongue, wet and hot, on my clitoris as he continues to massage the inside wall of my vagina. He increases the pressure of his strokes as he licks and sucks at me.

I feel an uncontrollable surge of pleasure, starting low in my belly, up to my breasts and nipples, radiating through my entire body as I spasm and convulse under him. My hands reach down and my fingers curl through his wavy hair as I come, over and over again, crying out his name.


  Copyright 2014 by MsT secretgarden. All rights reserved.


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