My Turn…

More flowers arrive.

A stunning arrangement of Oriental lilies and massive cream roses, wrapped in gold voile and tied with a black and gold ribbon.

The scent fills my counselling room.

The card : “Tomorrow. 6pm. Your house. I am going to allow you to take the lead. You decide what we do.”

I am stumped. I am not sure if I want to take the lead. I don’t know what to do.

Bite my lip,“Why does he want me to take the lead?”

I notice a tiny arrow at the bottom of the card and turn it over…




I see my clients throughout the day, and between appointments I let my mind wander…

“What would I like to do to him?”

I am excited to have him at my mercy for a change, but also, I am truly nervous that I will be a disappointment to him.

I want him naked.

That much I know.

His body is fucking incredible.

His arms are strong, with well-defined, lean muscles.

Perfectly sculpted pecs lightly scattered with chestnut hair covering the space between his nipples, which continues in a sexy line from his navel down to his dark thatch of pubic hair.

He has a flat, toned stomach, which has that delicious V-shape at the hips, leading down to his magnificent cock. Wide, hard, athletic thighs lead down to large solid calves.

I squirm in my seat with pleasure at the thought of having his naked body all at my disposal.

A grin spreads over my face as it dawns on me exactly what I should do with him tomorrow evening…


He is lying face down on my massage table, naked underneath the thick towel draped low over his behind.

He has told me I am in charge tonight. The exception is that I am not allowed to hurt him in any way, and if and when he decides to take back control, I must allow him.

I stand at his head and stretch down to begin massaging his lower back, slowly, firmly applying pressure, stroking from the base of his spine up to his neck.

My pelvis presses against the top of his head as I move.

Keeping one hand on his back I walk down the table and grasp an ankle, then the other one and pull to loosen his leg and hip joints.

Then I begin…

With well-oiled hands, I run my thumbs up the centre of his calf, separating the muscles and stretching them. I move to the side of the table and try to grasp his entire calf muscle in my cupped hands but he is so big and my hands are too small. I am used to working predominantly on female clients when I do bodywork in my room and his size is a challenge. I pull the calf muscle away from the bone and dig my fingers underneath it as far as I can.

I am very pleased to hear a groan of pleasure from the head of the table.

Finally! Something I am the expert in!

Using the heel of my hand, I press in with all my body weight as I push the muscle on the outside of his thigh up towards his hip. The knotted tension in his muscles ripple under my hand and I feel satisfaction as they begin to relax under my touch.

Having repeated the process on his other leg I decide to break with my usual massage protocol and push his towel down to his feet, revealing his tight, sculpted ass. I apply more oil to my hands and begin to knead each cheek in circles, using my knuckles.

“Uuunh,” from the head of the table. I suppress a giggle.

Once his glorious buttocks have been attended to, I glide my hands up to his lower back and once again walk around to where his head rests. I lean down, pushing my pelvis into the top of his head and allowing my breasts to graze his hair, I stretch the muscles along either side of his spine.

I work, kneading along his broad, hard shoulders and down over his deltoids and triceps.

I reposition the towel over his behind and lean down to whisper for him to roll over.

He raises himself up on his forearms and turns his head to look at me.

His eyes are cloudy and dark, partly with desire but also with the familiar relaxed look people get when they have a really good deep tissue massage.

“You’re fucking good at this baby girl,” he sounds vaguely surprised.

I smile and do a playful little courtesy.

When he lies on his back I am delighted to see that the look in his eyes is definitely desire, as his erection is very evident against the thick towel draped low over his hips.

I stand at his head and look down at him, his dark eyes meeting mine, and I resist the urge to kiss him.

I want to make this last as long as I can.

I want to look at and touch his body for as long as possible.

I begin to rub along the back of his neck, using the weight of his own head to apply pressure to the knots nestled in there. I lean down to work on his pectoral muscles and see that he is looking straight at me with a new expression on his face.

He looks… thoughtful. Not for the first time, I wonder what could he be thinking about.

I trail my fingers slowly down his tight stomach and follow the narrow trail of hair down to the edge of the towel. I can feel his eyes are burning into me and I know a flush is creeping up my throat to my cheeks.

Leisurely, I push the towel off his hips and let it fall to the floor. He is fully erect and ready for me. My hand still covered in oil, I take him and begin to slowly stroke and massage him up and down, applying gentle pressure. I look up at him and see he is biting his lower lip.

I lift myself up so that I am kneeling on the table between his thighs and continue my handiwork. I can feel the blood throbbing through him. I want to taste that fucking amazing cock so I lean down and, still using my hand, I lick the very tip of it in slow circles. The skin is velvet soft.

He groans in pleasure.

I move my mouth down between his thighs and gently take each testicle into my mouth in turn and suck lightly, using my tongue to caress them. I slide my tongue from there, up along the underside of his penis, from the base all the way up the ridge, before taking the whole of him into my mouth and starting to suck gently as my fingers stroke around his testicles.

His hands are in my hair. I risk glancing my eyes up at him to see he is looking down at me darkly. Our eyes meet and he pulls my head away from his groin and pulls me up to face him.

He is staring into to my eyes, breathing heavily, and I see the sweat beaded on his forehead. His hand comes up and his fingers graze my lips. I lick and suck them. He pulls me in close and kisses me, his tongue deep inside my mouth.

I can’t breathe.

He reaches down and undoes my jeans and pushes them down over my hips. His fingers find how wet I am and he begins to rub in slow circles. His mouth moves to lick and nibble at my throat and his other hand lifts up my tee-shirt and massages my breast. I hear myself moaning and feel him smile against my neck. He lifts me from his chest and puts me on my back as he stands, gloriously naked in front of me.

I drink in the sight of him.

He walks to the end of the table and swiftly removes my jeans and underwear. I tear off my tee-shirt and he climbs on top of me.

His mouth feels like it’s everywhere all at once, kissing and licking my face, ears and throat. He works his way down to suck hard on my nipples, then over my stomach and hips and finally… finally buries his head between my legs. He licks and kisses and nibbles me, holding my hips tightly so I can’t move. I bite my fist to stop from crying out as I come over and over again.

I want to take control again, if he will let me.

I ask him to lie back down, and to my delight he does. I straddle his hips. I feel his huge hard penis against my inner thigh and reach down to take it in my hand, slowly moving up and down along it. His eyes are closed and he bites his lip again. I do not want to delay it anymore. I

lower myself onto him, gasping at the size of him, deep inside me.

His hands come up to try and unclasp my bra and I shove them away.

I’m in charge now.

I move my hips, slowly at first in a figure eight, like a belly dancer.

He groans “fuuuuuck”.

I lean down and lick his throat, feeling his stubble against my tongue. His musky scent fill my lungs and I think I am going to come again.

He grabs my ass and starts to make me move faster.

I sit back up and arch my back as I lift my self up and down him, and I ride and ride. He is slamming up into me, holding my hips firmly to allow him to thrust deeper and deeper.

I feel like he is completely filling me, that he is going to rip me apart.

He jerks uncontrollably beneath me and the hot liquid shoots up inside me.

This sets me off again and I am crying out shamelessly now as my orgasm rushes through my body and I collapse onto his chest, exhausted and completely satisfied.


 Copyright 2014 by MsT secretgarden. All rights reserved.

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